Politics and Knowledge

This quiz indicates that from the social perspective, I prefer the collective side, but from an economic perspective, I prefer the individual side. My political philosophy is moderate, moderates share characteristics of several political philosophies, preferring a mix of government and liberty.

As the results show that I correctly answered 9/18 (50%) of the political knowledge questions. 8 is the average number among all participants, which indicates that I am “above the average”.

This quiz indicates that I know more knowledge and regulations about the economy and environment than crime and immigration.



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TOK-Semester 1 Reflection

TOK- Semester 1 Reflection

In semester 1, the most appealing engagement for me is watching The Social Dilemma, particularly it informs us that although technology seems to be advancing positively, but The Social Dilemma shows how technological progress can manipulate human psychology, spread false information, increase biases, and etc.

In my experience in TOK, my perspective has developed. TOK has provided a wide range of knowledge and allows us to view those issues or problems from different perspectives. Specifically, this course inspired me to receive and interpret information deeper and from both positive and negative sides.

Looking back at the exhibition’s requirement, something to keep in mind is that the object must correlates with my chosen theme.

To summarize semester one, I believe that providing more detailed examples in my writing can be very beneficial. Also, making sure the deadlines and submit everything before the due date is also extremely important.

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Social Dilemma

The rapid development in technology and social networking has made it easier for people to communicate and gather information worldwide. Social media, like Facebook and Twitter, were created to make it possible for humans to access different perspectives of knowledge on a global scale. At this level, technology seems to be advancing positively, eclipsing human and intellectual progress. But The Social Dilemma shows how technological progress, especially Social media platforms like Facebook and Twitter, can manipulate human psychology, spread false information, increase biases, and etc., which have a severe impact on all humans. Since many companies can gain more profits by manipulating information on social media, it violates the primary purpose of social networks. Therefore, we should note that technological progress may also indicate a retrogression of social order. For example, teenagers are addicted to electronic products all day long, which undoubtedly causes devastate and even irreversible harm to their mental and physical health. Moreover, People are given recommendations based on statistical extrapolation of what they like. This reduces the opportunity to view information from different perspectives and increases polarization and prejudice. Polarization has consequences in real life, such as wars and riots, which are harmful to society. The companies behind social media platforms are cashing in on people’s sensitivity to misinformation and curiosity. Hence, we need to know how to identify false information and always obtain information and opinions from different angles. By doing so, we can repair the current social plight and give ourselves a more comprehensive understanding of society, thus eliminating or reduce our biases.

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Interview With My Parents About Technology

When my parents were young, they could only walk to school. In the classroom, there is no projector and computer. They can only use books, pencils, and paper to study. If they need to find information and sources, they can only go to the library to read books. My parents told me that if a family in their village had a TV (black and white), everyone in the village would crowd to watch it because it was so rare. But now, in our daily life, electronic devices have become an indispensable necessity. Computers make it easier for us to search for data and store them. Mobile phone games have become entertainment for most people, while my parents’ childhood games were climbing trees and playing in the mud.
The development and advances in technology have given our generation access to a wide range of information. Consequently, we can have a better and more comprehensive understanding of the world.

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Are Some Ways of Knowing More Likely Than Others to Lead to Truth?

Truth is a multifaced term, and it has been a favored topic for all scientists, psychologists, and philosophers. Common sense suggests that specific ways of knowing are more reliable than others lead to the truth. According to the Theory of Knowledge, there are eight different ways of knowing; each one is a powerful tool for people to reach the truth. There are sense perception, emotion, memory, imagination, reason, intuition, faith, and language. However, these four ways of approaching the truth vary in that one may help to produce more precise and accurate answers, which is more reliable than others, depending on their strength and weakness. In my perspective, I believe that “reason” is the most precise way of knowing to find the truth because we can relate reason to some accurate subjects, such as math, physics, and chemistry. In these subjects, you are seeking one precise answer.

The reason is most advantageous because it results in effective and coherent information — information with such a high degree of certainty that no other means of understanding can attain it. In mathematics, the best way of knowing is the reasons. Since math truths require logical validity, the reason is the main way of knowing mathematical truths. Mathematical truths enrich with new formulas and proofs that require logical reasons. For example, in math, if you have a simple equation such as 1+2, it would not take a long time for you to realize the correct answer is three, but in order to prove the answer is three, you use reasoning to support it.

Languages and emotions have principal problems that override their benefits. Thus it is less likely to lead to the truth. Even though the language is the key to communication, but it is descriptive and treacherous due to their ambiguity and vagueness. Take Mao as an example; during the Chinese Cultural Revolution, he used language as propaganda to establish a personal dictatorship. Putting up propaganda posters and slogans filled with emotionally arousing words, which attracts and appeals to people to trust him. Similarly, emotion reinforces problems such as a blurring reason, which prejudice our perception and language. There’s nothing humans can do to control their emotions — it’s irrational. It happens on fluctuating, urgent impulses. For instance, my friend and I watched a romantic movie together because she just broke up with her boyfriend, so she gave a really low rate and formed a negative view of the movie, even though the movie itself was excellent. As a result, she was shifting from rational thinking to blaming me for wasting her time watching the film.

In conclusion, although all areas of ways of knowing are interrelated. I believe reasons are more likely than others to lead the truth because reasoning creates highly valid and justifiable truths. However, other ways of knowing, such as languages and emotions, are overshadowed by its limitation.

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Independent Reading Reflection #1 – The Devotion of Suspect X

Hey guys! I started to read “The Devotion of Suspect X,” written by Keigo Higashino (My favorite author!).

The Protagonist, Yasuko Hanaoka, is a divorced single mother who works at a bento shop. Ishigami is a highly talented mathematics teacher who lives next door to Yasuko and her daughter Misato. When Togashi (Yasuko’s abusive ex-husband) shows up one day to extort money from Yasuko, threatening both her and Misato, the situation quickly escalates into violence, and Togashi is killed by Yasuko and daughter. Overhearing the commotion, Ishigami, who is secretly enamored of Yasuko but has never told her so, offers his help, disposing of the body and plotting the cover-up of the murder step-by-step.

I want to ask for this book why Ishigami helped Yasuko and why would he pretend he killed Togashi. (Maybe because he has a crush on Yasuko, so Ishigami wanted to protect her)

I predict that the policeman will come to Yasuko’s house and ask her about Togashi’s death and how Yasuko listened to Ishigami to hide the fact that she killed Togashi.

I realize that in the novel, women became independent women. Also,  I feel that love can sacrifice themselves for each other.

I strongly recommend this book if you love suspense and mystery novels! Keigo Higashino is a great author who can intersperse feelings of friendship, love, and history into a crime story. In this book, you can see how a math teacher can accomplish a near-perfect crime.

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What do you know for sure? How do you know about it?

Hello everyone! I am Joy. I have been to ISB for around four years. Sometimes I love to be alone, but I love to be with my friends most of the time because they could make me feel relaxed and delighted.

Since I was in elementary school, I genuinely believe, and I know for sure that HARD WORK IS THE KEY FOR SUCCESS. Success and achievement without hard work are impossible. If a man sits around like a bum waiting for a better chance to come along, he’ll never get anything. People who work hard can achieve success and happiness in life. Nothing can be achieved without any effort. Many people buy a lot of welfare lottery tickets because they don’t want to work. Still, only 0.00009% of the chance someone would win the bonus, and if they don’t work hard after winning the prize, they will soon be bankrupted.

To be more specific, Edison worked more than 20 hours a day, resting only two or three hours on a desk in his lab, using a book as a pillow. Because he worked day and night, he put lights in the homes of all mankind. Abraham Lincoln was born in a log cabin in the forest. He cannot afford the basic needs for study, so he could only read borrowed books with the fire’s light in the hearth. Due to his hard work, he became the greatest man of his time.


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Reflect and Share/ Blog Post #4

(the link at the top is the video!!!)

Explain how it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology:

By turning the handle, the rubber band on the wheel drives DCmotor to transmit electricity to the LED light. A generator is a device that converts mechanical energy into electrical energy, my product shows how does DC motor can be converted into a Generator to produce the electrical energy.

Both motors and generators run because of something called electromagnetic induction. It’s discovered by Michael Faraday. The voltage is created through motion. The amount of voltage induced depends on the number of loops in the coil of wire, as well as the speed at which the magnet is moved through the coil. A greater number of coils means a greater amount of voltage is induced. Similarly, the faster the magnet is moved through the coil, the more voltage you get.

In my product, when I turn the handle, the rubber band rotating the gear and then the gear spin the DC motor. A generator produces electricity by rotating a coil in a stationary magnetic field, and in a motor, a current is passed through a coil, which forces it to spin.

Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

  1. I think I’m better at planning and managing my time because I can basically follow my original plan.
  2. I learned how to use different materials, tools, and methods during the process
  3. My final product is working!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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Create and Improve/ Blog Post #3

Day #1

My first step was to connect the two CD together to form a wheel. My plan was glue the tape roll between two CD then use the clay to fill inside the tape roll area, lastly run a hollow tube through the hole of the two CDS. But the hole of the CDs are not big enough, so I decided to use the drill to make the hole larger. It works!

I made a 30cm*20cm base, two 11.5cm*3cm stands, and two bevel edge stands. I used hot glue to connect them, it works really well.

Day #2

I decided to use a straw (it’s very fit in the hole) to go through the “CD wheel” which can hold the “CD wheel” on the holder.

On the top of the two stands, I made two hollow tubes. Therefore, the straw can go through it.

I made a handle on the left side, it is for left-handed people. Because the handle is made of wire, I added some red tape on the handle to increase the safety factor.

Day #3

I used a rubber band to connect the CD wheel and the DC motor. Additionally, I put a gear on the DC motor, it can fix the rubber band and boost the speed of DC motor. 

I used a CD to be the major important material of the light. The first time I chose to use separate wires and LED lights to connect with the DC motor, but the contact is not good, the light is not easy to light. So the second time, I choose to use LED light that already connected with the wire, that’s works much better.

Day #4

This piece of paper has been hollowed-out by me, and while the lights have been running through “Joyful”, “Joyful” can also be printed on the wall so that the generator has become the projector. And the small thing can help to put the paper.

After I had done everything, I decided to paint my design so that it would be more beautiful and attractive which can make my audience more enjoyable.

Gather feedback from others:

The generator doesn’t work sometimes. (the light is not lighting)

In my statement above, I said that I added gears to make DCmotor rotate faster. I also used LED light wire instead of the separate one.


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Develop and Plan Blog Post #2

Techniques needed: hot glue, how to use saws, how to connect wires.

My plan:

Wednesday: Finish the base of the generator, place the DC motor, Make two CD together

Friday: Secure the CD parts and the DC motor on the sun board

Tuesday: Finish the LED light part

Thursday: the whole generator must be done

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