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The book “10 Ultimate Truths Girls Should know” written by Kari Kampakis. I choose this book because this book is writing about the truths that girls should learn and know. In this book, it has 10 big area that’s girls confused or worry about it. The central idea of this book helps girls to solve problems and learn some new knowledge and truths.

The first chapter is basically talking about Popularity, in school, it has a lot of girls are popular and they are being mean. The author gives the reader a story, that about two best friends, one of them what to be a “Queen” of their group and want more popularity, so she starts to bullying and being mean to her friends. In my own life, it also has a lot of problems like this, sometimes I’m confused why they are being like that? And why people are following mean girls? Typically it’s not because they like her. The mostly reasons list below:

  • They want to be popular-and popularity by association works fine
  • They crave security
  • They want to stay on her good side
  • They’re unaware that better friends exist
  • They’re using the mean girl for personal motives
  •  They’re scared to leave

And sometimes friends hurt friends because some of them are not your real friend. Those question below, you should ask yourself.

“Choosing good friends begins with knowing their heart. Is their heart in the right place? Do they love you even when you’re at odds? Are you a better person from knowing them? If you’re sick and can’t go to school, do they miss you? Do they volunteer to pick up your missed assignments? Is your absence felt when you’re not with the group?”(Popularity,15)

The science of mean girls, 7 insight about popularity.


This link below is additional information that teaches us how to deal with mean girls.


In our own lives, it always has this kind of things happened, means girls and not real friends around you. This book gives me a strong method and message to learn and solve problems. Most people want to be popular in some way, some of them are being nice and some of them are being mean. We can let mean girls control us and have our power, so we need to deal with it.

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