Reflection of Grade 8 Mentoring Trip

In this trip, we mainly did two activities. Our class went to Via Ferrata in Shimenshan, and in this place, we climb up the mountain. The second day it was the time for swimming. We were doing some raft building and if our raft is not strong enough or unstable, without any choice, we will just have to go inside the water.

If I reflect on my trip, I think one of my major strength is communicating with the team and whenever they feel scared, I would encourage them. Well, I personally also think that this was a strength to all of the students that went on the trip. Actually, I was afraid of heights and I saw Christopher going on which made me feel a little bit comfortable which let me finish the whole course. One of my weakness is thinking before making the raft and creativity. I feel that we had absolutely no creativity because the only thing we were thinking about ways to make this raft float. We didn’t really care about the design. This somehow made other teams to copy other team’s design. However, as a whole, I feel like is a very meaningful trip. The only thing if I could improve this trip is to let us eat a variety of foods. Some people don’t like Chinese food so they couldn’t eat any food. Another core value that I think that really mattered to this trip is Student as a Learner. By our mistakes, even though we didn’t have time to make another raft, we were able to think what will fix the problem.

I think this picture tells us when each other helps us we could accomplish our goals.