It’s not easy to develop a good character, especially in a shorts stories, in Rules of the Game a good character was made. Through the authors use of characterization, Amy tan created a protagonist in the short story Rules of the Game that is not like me.

Amy Tan developed the protagonist pretty well. Waverly the protagonist is a very intelligent girl she was crying that she didn’t get her salted plums: “The next week I bit my tongue as we entered the store with the forbidden candies. When my mother finished her shopping, she quickly plucked a small bag of plums from the rack and put it on the counter with the rest of the items.” (Tan 1) This shows that her mother thinks of her intelligently. She wanted some sweets but she was crying, yanking her mother hands. But she thought of it and decided the only way to get the salted plums is being a good girl. Also Waverly was a little Chinese girl that is annoying to her brother: “”Why is the sky blue? Why must you always ask stupid questions?” asked Vincent”. (Tan 4) The illuminates that Waverly is being annoying and her brother had enough so her brother is questioning her why ask such stupid question and he hasenough of that. Lastly Waverly was curious for a lot of things ““Why?” I asked as I moved my pawn. “Why can’t they move more steps?”” (Tan 4) Waverly is just asking why because she wanted to know a lot of things, she’s curious about almost everything. ““Ma, what I Chinese Torture?”” whenever didn’t know something she just had to ask because she is truly curious and wanted to know everything. The protagonist, Waverly, is a well-developed character.

I am like her in some parts of me and some parts not. Waverly is intelligent and curious, I’m not intelligent at all, at least I think so. She could win international tournaments while I can’t even beat my friends in chess. I can do a lot of stuff but I’m not good at any. She is curious about everything while I’m the complete opposite. If I don’t know or understand something, I won’t care about it or ask what it is. So I’m quite different from her. And the part she is same with me is I find my little sister very annoying. She has to blame me for everything and never willing to help me out. Forcing me to do stuff, when she is just resting.


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