Pushing Through Darkness

A lot of people go through dark times throughout our lives, five percent of the world’s population is under depression. Some people don’t make it through. Counting by 7s by Holly Goldberg Sloan teaches us that we can push through our darkest times and find happiness. Willow the protagonist’s parents went into an accident and passed away. Willow was full of sadness and grief, she overcomes and finds happiness again.

Willow did overcoming her grief and found happiness again. She was really depressed but she had help with a lot of people. It’s hard to overcome her grief, but with the help of friends it was much easier for her. She never connected with anyone other than her adoptive parents. Later on she learned the true meaning of family. “At every stage of living there are 7 people who matter in your world. They are people who are inside you. They are people you rely on. They are people who daily changed your life” (Sloan 377). This shows us that there are people out there, people who will care about you. She had people that she liked, people that gave her happiness and helped her overcome her grief. These seven people changed her life, Willow was thankful that she had found these people in her life that made her happy. “I felt human. That was the only way I could describe it” (Sloan 77). This is when Willow was accepted into the community, she had friends and people that cared about her. She never felt that before. Willow was not acting anymore she was being herself, and she was still accepted which made her very happy. “For me I count:

  1. My mom (always)
  2. and my dad (forever)
  3. Mai
  4. Dell
  5. Quang-ha
  6. Pattie
  7. Jairo” (Sloan 377). This shows that she had people that she cared about, she wasn’t alone. She had people that helped her push threw everything she experienced. People that she loved.

With the help of her friends, there was another thing she did to overcome her grief, she persevered and never gave up. Without fighting she would not have found happiness she tried and tried and tried than she finally did it. “If you’re lost, you might need to swim against the tide” (Sloan 0) cover. This illuminates that if you’re lost and losing it, you have to try harder push against the pain. As Willow did she persevered and tried her best to overcome her grief.  Without trying she might still in grief after a long time. “For someone grieving, moving forward is the challenge. Because after the extreme loss you want to go back” (Sloan 143). After her extreme loss it was hard for willow to move on she had to try her best to stop thinking about the pass. She didn’t want to move on she don’t know what’s ahead of her. But she persevered and moved on into the new world. It was very hard for her she didn’t gave up and fall back.

Anyone can push through grief, depression and sadness. But they will need the friends, family and loved ones to help them go through the process. Everyone has to persevere and never give up. Also find people that care about you and never lose hope to anything. Don’t be the five percent in this world that goes through depression.


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