Hunt or Be Hunted **NOT CLICKBAIT** **KEVIN’S VOICE**

Seconds has passed since the last species became extinct,

Earth in the 21st century has been getting worst.

The hot weather,

The heat was melting in my sight.

The endless sight of plains of the Mozambique,

Not a single living thing left.

Trees in the distance waving for help.

We black rhinos are rare now,

We have been walking for days without water.

I couldn’t remember what water taste like anymore.

The sunlight blinded our eyes,

The ground was as hot as a stove.

My eye lids were as heavy as anchors.

I could rest for days,

But my body is telling me not to give up.

Hunters are just steps behind,

“We can’t let them catch up,”

Just then we heard the rumbling of jeeps,

We used last of our energy and ran as fast as we could away.

But they were just too constant,

I had no choice but to stop.

I believe our species can still live,

I slowly charged towards the jeeps.

Then I heard a loud bang,

The taste of metal coming into my mouth.

The pain felt like it would last for days.

With the last of my sight,

The humans walked towards my horns,

And started sawing.


Im proud of that I actually even came up with a poem, and I added lots of things that I normally couldn’t have done for example metaphors and others things like that.



White+Rhino – Google Search,



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