The Ongoing War

I am Amal, meaning of hope, I was born in the city of Darra, Syria. When I was born by parents were in great poverty, giving the me name hoping that it would give them more luck. I am living a normal life, nothing more special than anyone else. Being lucky to have education, I am probably the happiest kid alive, until…

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The revolution is still happening to this very day, but things changed and lots still stayed the same. Therefore, the country is no longer stable, it’s a war-torn country. Still ruled by a dictator, with peoples need not being met, people are being more and angrier every day, which will absolutely not end this conflict at all. But so many things had changed. The government is becoming more and more corrupted, without the international backers maybe this harsh and everlasting is already finished. With the two different groups trying to gain control of the country, it’s hard to say who will win the fight. Old beautiful historical sights are all destroyed now, all the other city becoming unstable. The government committing war crimes on its own citizens.

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