Biodiversity is an important social issue going around the world. With desertification, deforestation, poaching for animal’s parts. Many species are going in danger, like elephants for ivory, rhino horns and tiger bones for medicine. And there is also the endangerment of sharks. This is a large problem around the world but China takes fins of living sharks for a Chinese delicacy, shark fin soup. What can we do to slow down shark finning? How can we slow down or stop the slaughtering of endangered animals? I have a fear of not knowing where to start my research, and I’m scared of not knowing what to do throughout the project, also I am very scared of public speakings. I want to know if people continue hunting for these endangered animals what will happen soon, with our food chain and all these things. I want to spread awareness of the species we are losing throughout poaching and the two other environmental issues. I want my peers to tell me if I’m doing my working right or if I’m researching off my topic.

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