Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

Design and make a toy that converts energy 

Im thinking off creating a toy that uses natural energy and coverts it into electricity. For example a water mill and wind turbins are things that converts natural energy into electricity. Even using a solar panel can work to create energy. My idea is using solar panel to store the energy that it takes from the sun then it can be used when its opened as a light or something.

And the other idea I have is that I want a flashlight that can generate energy by spinning a wrench.

Water Power Electricity Mill

The pro about this is that this can create energy using things like water falls, and with the gravity of water it seems like its something that can work

cons is that the materials used in this seems really complicated to get.


Tiny Wind Mills

Pro is that its something that looks really simple to make, with all the materials and everything it looks cheap and effiecent

con it does not look like something that can actually function

Small Generators using Magnets

Pros its something that can easily and it looks usable

con the magnet is quite large so it might be hard to find

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