Blogpost #3: Create and Improve

Unfortunately my final product wasn’t finished due to my bad planning

This was my unfinished final product since I had many different prototypes I had to take out what I liked about each prototyp and merge everything I liked into one.

My first idea was too have convert energy using the generator by spinning it. Then the energy charges the battery and the energy can be used anytime with a flick of a switch to become a flashlight. But I had troubles doing so since I didn’t have instructions, i had to try figuring it out by myself. So the feedback off my peers was trying making it simpler so it can at-least work. I decided to take away the spinning thing generator. Instead of that I add a plug to the battery charger. But after I realized that I was stupid enough to forget about the point of making a toy that CAN CONVERT ENERGY so that I had to redo it again. But finally using some research with a friend that was doing something simliar with the chargeable batteries that you need the charging board to make the batteries function and charge. So as you can see in my first picture of my unfinished final product that I got rid of the charging board. And i was planning to make that into a box so it can be a flashlight to work by spinning a generator using hand.



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