What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

Im Kevin J, I’m born and raised in Beijing for my entire life. So I consider myself Chinese. I have been at ISB for 9 years now. I wished I was a single child but¬†unfortunately¬†I have a smaller sibling. I have been in Beijing for my entire life so I think thats the reason I like to see different places around the world.

What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

Thinking about this question, I looked at what I know but after thinking how I know these things. There are things that I know for certain, but so many things I don’t know if I know if I know it for sure.¬†The things I know for sure is that its simple things that I have experienced with my five senses. I know ice is cold because I felt it before, I know what an orange smells like cause i’ve smelt is before, and so on with all my other senses. Many things such as 1+1=2 can’t be changed no matter what because its logic. But other then simple things I do ask myself if I know it for sure. What I believe is other then whats proven everything else is a guess. I even doubt my own existence.

Many other things that other people know, I don’t know for sure that I know. A example is a war, we always have the perspective of the winners side but not the losers side. Maybe its two entirely different perspective but I can only see what I have been told. So I don’t know if I actually know what happened.

I can only believe what I have experienced myself but other then that I won’t know what I actually know. What I know is constantly changing, outside of what I have experienced myself I believe everything I know is uncertain and just a complete guess.

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  1. Hey Kevin,

    I agree that our knowledge is constantly changing and how our experiences shape our knowledge. I thought it was really interesting how you mentioned the things you experience with our 5 senses you can know for sure, but have you thought about how we know why ice is cold? or why 1+1=2? I’ve watched a short film recently called 2+2=5. I think it could connect to what you mentioned about the 5 senses.

  2. I think that you wrote a really eloquent blog post. I especially agreed with your statement of human corroboration. I felt that to know something is not to be 100% sure of its occurrence, but to realize the possibility of being wrong. One question I still have is where or not you believe that knowledge will allow you to fulling understand yourself.

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