Is Ignorance Bliss?

In class we had a debate “Is ignorance bliss?”, I was chosen to the Ignorance is not bliss side. Both sides made valid arguments but I don’t think one side stood out more then the other side. None of the speakers from either side was convinced that the other side was making a better argument then them, so no one is convinced.

Some arguments coming from the Ignorance is Bliss side is that the more we know the more we suffer, this causes us to know things that can be negative and cause us to worry about those things. We benefit from not knowing everything that is happening in the world already. Once we know the ignorance could be replaced with awareness.

While the ignorance is not bliss side argues that ignorance can cause pain and danger as well as trouble instead of bliss. It will exclude certain people from society and isolating different groups. However, we are biologically social creatures. So this causes it not to be bliss. 

I think both sides made valid arguments but none of the arguments changed my mind of what I sided with before the groups what split. After trying to argue for Ignorance is not bliss and researching about it, I still believe ignorance is bliss. When I was smaller I would have thought ignorance is bliss, for example when I get a new expensive toy, if I knew how expensive my parents are spending on the toy, it would take away all the enjoyment from it. But now I still believe in the same things, at times I worry to much and I just hope I didn’t have to think about all the things I’m thinking. But without knowing that much I wouldn’t have been thinking the things i’ve been thinking. But knowing more can widen you’re perspective and new things, but to that theres always a risk to it, knowing too much things. But if I use personal experiences I would think ignorance is bliss.



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