Parents Interview

From the interview I conducted an interview about my mom when she was in high school, I asked her about what was school like, how did you learn and everyday school life type of thing.

  1. getting to school, there was a public bus that got her to school.
  2. School supplies were just textbooks and there was a black board on wall that has chalk.
  3. School was stressful and competitive it was rows of desk.
  4. Everything she learned was explained in the textbooks expect for math which was explained on the black board.
  5. No after school activities the school only had classrooms.

Comparing to my school to my moms

When my mom was in school

Everything was more complicated if she wanted to know something she had to find it in public libraries and hope theres a book containing with the knowledge she wants unlike us we can just google something. She didn’t have a car to get her to school. `There wasn’t after school team sports and many other things we have in the current school. I think this makes me to think if I am taking everything as granted. Since getting information back then is so much more complicated then now. Now in school everything that we want we can get quick easily.


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