The Social Dilemma

In the documentary “The Social Dilemma” I learned things about social media that I never knew about. So the documentary got me thinking about things about social media and the way its used.

It was very interesting to see many workers who were head of different social media companies disliking the current use of social media. It made feel like social media is controlling our lives and affecting the ways how we think about thinks. Its interesting how it mentioned the elections and how foreign countries can affect the election through social media and affect the way people think. Its quite interesting how as the longer we use the more the algorithm know about us and it can predict what we are gonna do on social media. I always have thoughts about how governments can keep track of what we do, governments can be also affecting our thoughts and how we think.

Some takeaways during group meetings

We raised the awareness of how they might be collecting our data without consent but thinking back about it, I think the terms and agreements thing that no one reads gives them consent to collect our data. And we also thought about how people think about the use of social media. The like button use to be something to spread positivity but now it can be seen as something negative. Since social media exists the sucidal rates for different age groups have increased a lot.



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