My Political Bias

Me as a political person, I don’t really consider myself to be political because I consider myself to be neutral in lots of things. Unless the thing is very negative, if using extreme examples, I don’t side myself with the 9/11 attacks. Using the Nolan Chart from one of the tests, Im a little bit shifted towards the left. But still in the middle square.

To be political, I believe it has to be sided with one particular group’s idea, so believing that this groups idea is better then another is something I consider political. Many things can be political but it doesn’t mean everything is political, the smallest things like water can be political but I don’t think everything has to political. A hamster pooping is not political to me. But many people are making things that aren’t political into something political and endangering other people. Some people thought 5g was something political and there were news of people knocking down cell towers.

I think to some extent its important to know whats going on in the political world but knowing to much can also be dangerous where politicians are causing threats with false information. For example in the United States where mask became something political, i’m not siding with the sides that wear masks because I support that political group but its because its scientifically proven that mask help to slow down or stop the transmission of Covid-19. But its good to know some things that are going on because some of the politicians ideas might affect your life.

Write a blog post in which you reflect on who you are politically, and what the implications of this are for you as a knower. Be sure to include your results on each of the tests as well as touching on some of the questions from the start of the lesson:

Some political issues that I find something most important are environmental issues and human rights issues which includes famine, wars and such. Cause the world is being endangered from global warming and I believe all humans should be treated right so I also believe in human right issues.

Heres some results I got from the tests that I took

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