Social Dilemma

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Technology is both a good and a bad existence. Modern technology ensured the speed and efficiency of searching. However, technology makes people spend a considerable amount of time browsing content they favored on social media and subscribing to their content.


More importantly, it is incredibly challenging for individuals and groups to distinguish useful and correct information nowadays. People who live nowadays need to ensure that we are critical and judgmental of whatever we are seeing and receiving. Because something observed by you may not be the truth, social networks allow people to see what they want to see instead of opinions that are not entertaining and facts that people don’t usually agree with. Algorithms behind these technologies can be biased if it is well manipulated. Data collections and calculations become the key for technology companies, which leads them to their prodigious profit. As users who utilize these applications, we need to do our best to stay rational and be aware that our private information is not exposed online, so we live our lives as free individuals.


In the collaborative discussion, we have discussed the following question:

Should we hold people responsible for the applications of technologies they develop/create?

My response: Developers and producers need to pay more attention to the design of applications and safe usage. So these technologies may not be manipulated in inappropriate ways that might harm society and individuals.

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