Reflection on questions related to Politics

Do I consider myself a “politician”? Why or why not? What does it mean to be political?

My definition of politics is “influenced by politics”. In my view, I think everyone is more influenced by politics than they realize. There are so many elements of life that are subtly influenced by politics.

Is everything political? Why or why not?

I think everything is political, it’s just that the degree of political may vary. Politics is global; there is no country or city that is not “political” because its existence was caused by politics more or less.

How important do you think it is to know what’s going on politically?

I don’t think it’s important to know anything about my current political situation just because of my identity as a student. However, I do find it helpful to be aware of what is going on in politics, as the number of occasions where I need political knowledge is slowly increasing. The IO assessment for my English and Chinese Language and Literature courses includes global issues that may be politically relevant.

What do I think is the most important political issue right now? Why is that? International Relations.


  1. During the first semester, we considered knowledge questions related to “Knowledge and the Knower” and “Knowledge and Technology.” Looking back, what learning engagements stand out to you the most and why?

“Knowledge and Technology” is the topic that affected me the most. It caused me to wonder about the relationship between human society and electronics. Technology is both a good and a bad existence. Modern technology ensured the speed and efficiency of searching. However, technology makes people spend a considerable amount of time browsing content they favored on social media and subscribing to their content.

2. In what ways, if any, has your perspective shifted as a result of your participation in this course so far?

Yes, my perspective did change to a certain extent. We should cultivate tools for exercising skepticism about what we read because we cannot rely on others or social media to be skeptical for us.

3. Looking ahead to the exhibition requirement, what do you want to keep in mind?

Always making sure that my selections and objects stay on the issue itself.

4. Thinking back on the writing you have done so far in the course, what can you do to continue to hone your skills?

Keep practicing my logical thinking and writing skills.