2021-2022 English Lang & Lit A SL Literary Text Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Notes

Chapter 2 Notes – Luke

  • narrative point of view 

Third person point of view – effect on reading engagement and enhanced readers’ ability to monitor changing character emotions

  • setting 

Gregor’s house 

  • characters 

Gregor, Gregor’s dad, Gregor’s mom, and Grete (Gregor’s sister) 

Gregor’s dad: unkind man 

      : no sympathy for Gregor after Gregor undergoes transformation 

        : worry about family debts 

      : imply Kafka’s and Kafka’s dad’s relationship 

  • conflict
  • Gregor becoming more and more like an “insect” —> Gregor’s tastes in food or food preferences has changed/likes to crawl and hide under the sofa/wants to remove obstacles to make space for insects to become comfortable (changes family’s perception towards Gregor: First Gregor’s sister giving milk to Gregor because it was his favorite drink when Gregor was human/Later she starts to believe Gregor as an real insect due to his changed behavior and gradually loses interest in Gregor) 
  • Gregor’s dad misunderstood that Gregor attacked the mother —> throws fruits at Gregor, eventually hits him with an apple that becomes lodged in Gregor’s back (maybe foreshadowing Gregor’s death?) 
  • theme(s) 


  • Keep hiding from his family/prefers to stay alone 
  • use of language 


  1. Food (Changed family’s perception towards Gregor) 

Milk and bread: showing sympathy and consideration for Gregor after his transformation (Milk was Gregor’s favorite drink) 

Later, they leave a tray of various foods: family start to lose interest in feeding Gregor —> losing family’s sympathy and interest and treated as a real insect who lives in a house 

  • connections to the other literary texts we have studied

Selected “The School of Life” Articles

1. Walking in the woods

Walking in the Woods

This article describes how walking in the woods felt to the writer, which is intriguing and interesting.

2. A world without air travel

A World Without Air Travel

This article vividly describes how painful we are living without flight due to covid restrictions.

3. On old Photos of oneself

On Old Photos of Oneself

This article explains how looking on old photos of oneself feels. While reading this article, it makes the readers think about their childhood and old memories.

4. How to love

How to Love

This article shows how to love others. It explains how you have to behave and talk with someone who you like.

5. How to be a good listener

How to Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is important for people who want to have a healthy relationship with others.

6. Food as therapy

Food as Therapy

Food is not only the one people must eat to live their lives but also acts as a therapy for ones who enjoys the flavor and the taste of the food to relieve on the stress.

7. The wisdom of Islamic gardens

The Wisdom of Islamic Gardens

This article explains mysterious and beautifulness of Islamic gardens.

8. How to take criticism

How to Take Criticism

Getting criticised from others is inevitable during the life. This article explains how you should effectively deal with criticism.

Paper 1 Reflection

What did you do well?

I think I chose the appropriate literary devices to analyze the text. I also think my analysis was convincing and insightful of textual features.

What do you still need to work on?

I still need to work on organization and language. My language should be more clear and effective, with good uses of accuracy in grammar, vocabulary, and sentence construction.

What specific steps can you take to improve for next time?

The specific steps I can take to improve for next time are reading English books and reviewing literary devices. These activities might help me to improve my writing.

TOK and Politics Blog Post #1

My result from the Political Compass quiz below:

The Political Bias Test:

Pol Quiz:

Before taking political tests, I considered myself “political.” Every day morning, as soon as I wake up,  I always read articles on the Internet and think about current social issues in society. Thus, I often express my opinion to my family and friends about some sensitive political issues happening in the world today. However, I was unsure about my political standard (Libertarian or Conservative) as I did not have any chances to test my standings in politics.

After taking a quiz and looking at the results, I realized that  I am leaning “right” and “Conservative” while having a moderate standing. Based on this result, I think my political standard, which is right and Conservative, affects me as a learner. I realized that maybe I was not looking at the world in a moderate view but looking the society as a conservative view. Therefore, I want to learn more about my opposition in the political spectrum, which is Libertarian. Then, knowing two opposite sides of political standings will encourage me to have an un-bias decision and determine effective choices in my life.

2021 – 2022 English Lang & Lit A SL Non-Literary Work: Gorden Park Harlem Family Photo Analysis

Gorden Park, the eminent African American photographer lived throughout the 20th century. The photograph depicted is part of a series of photographs entitled “Harlem Gang Family.” In the photo, the black woman with the white shirt is cleaning the bathtub in the dirty bathroom. In this photograph, Gorden Park utilizes symbolism, layout, and framing to illustrate the harshness of the working environment for black people. 

Park’s use of symbols in the photo represents the severity of the black people suffering in the poor working environment. By looking at the photo, numerous clothes and trashes are located on the floor and the black woman is busy cleaning the bathtub.

Park employs the layout while he is taking a photo to signify the rigidity of the living environment. Park first positions the clothes in front of the photo and then orders the lady to clean.

The use of framing encourages the audience to have empathy with not only the black woman but also the black society. This picture displays the overall black society in the 1960s in America.

Through the sage of symbolism, layout, and framing, Gorden Park illustrate the harshness of the working environment for black people in the photo. 




Gorden Park Thinklink Post

Six Rhetorical Triangle for the extract


Low to upper-class American citizens who are aged between 20 ~ 50 years old and English literates


Illustrate the unfair society in the United States


Gordon Park


Racial Discrimination


Street Photography


The magazine “Life” was published on September 24th, 1956.


Thesis Statement:

In street photography, Gordon Park utilizes graphic elements, layout, and symbolism to illustrate unchanged racial inequality in American citizen’s life.

The photographer uses different colors in this extract to reveal the harsh reality in the United States. First, the black woman and a girl are wearing a pink shirt and a sandal. However, for the white society, white mannequins are wearing black and blue sweaters which represent loyalty and royalty. Therefore, it shows the difference of class in America.

The usage of graphic elements in this extract creates a comparison between black and white people to illustrate the severity of racial discrimination in American society. At first, by looking at the black woman’s and a girl’s outlook, they are wearing general clothes (not expensive clothes) and even a girl is currently half-naked. In contrast, over the glass wall, some expensive, fancy clothes are exhibited and worn by a white mannequin, which represents white people. The comparison of the outlook of black and white clearly shows the wealth disparity between the two races so that the audience can emphasize the harshness and severeness that the black people had in their daily life.

In this extract, Park lastly employs some symbols in his photos to display the existence of racial discrimination in the “Land of Free.” By looking at the photo, the audience can easily notice that there is a glass wall between black and white people. And then, the black girl is trying to push the glass wall which obstacles her and her mom to reach the place where the majority of white are being positioned. Glass wall and glass ceiling often represent an invisible barrier that prevents a given demographic (typically applied to minorities) from rising beyond a certain level in a hierarchy. Therefore, intentionally taking a photo of a girl pushing a glass wall, Park desires to convey the message to the audience that countless black people are working to overcome problems regarding racial discrimination. However, now observing the women’s behavior, she looks unmotivated and even persuading the child to stop her behavior. Considering the meaning of her daughter’s gesture and glass wall, the woman conveys that even though the black society has worked eagerly for equality, there aren’t any differences. This leads the audience’s mind to acknowledge the unchanged public in the United States.

Through the use of graphic elements, color, and symbolism, the photographer Gorden Park illustrate unchanged racial inequality in American citizen’s life in his street photography.