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Blogpost #1: Define and Inquire

This engineering task is what we make a device that converts and transfers energy used to learn physics, or take a renewable and convert it into electrical energy. For my engineering project, I would like to design and make a toy that turns energy like recycling machine( distinguishes the aluminum and steel can) or portable hydropower machine. My clients are elementary students who are attending 1~3 grade. They can use this invention interestingly and educationally.

The cons of the Recycle machine is that it can be boring if they drop the can into the device and how does it work. Also, when they see the recycle machine, at first sight, they can not look at the attractions of my invention. Therefore I will improve the design of the invention so that many children can be interested in my toy. And then, I should test a lot with my device that if there can be errors and other safety problems. I will make lots of test and experiment to make perfect invention by showing the convert of energy. In conclusion, I think I should add some detailed design for the kids and many tests to make perfect.

The pros of the Recycle machine is that it can affect students beneficially in a variety of ways. For example, by using the device, toy, they can learn about the energy converting potential to kinetic energy. They could even find the scientific principles and standards by using the invention. Also, they can get knowledge about magnet ability. Most importantly, they can learn the importance of the environment. They could realize the danger of pollution and climate change so that they could know the significance of protecting Earth. They could advertise to the people about saving the planet, Earth by using my invention. They can recycle by themselves using the toy.“rollercoaster kinetic and potential energy”的图片搜索结果

“wind turbine inside”的图片搜索结果“slide”的图片搜索结果

Analyzing these pictures

Ideal photo #1 and #3: Pictures show that the energy transfer of roller coaster and this energy conversations can be used in my first idea, recycling machine by the cans. When the cans go down, the energy transfers, another energy transfer example is the slide. It’s energy changes the same as the roller coaster.

Ideal photo #2: This picture shows that the inside of wind turbine and how it produces the electric energy. When the rotor spins, the motor rotates so that the generator can move and make electrical power.

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