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Blogpost#4: Reflect and Share

Explain it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology

According to my invention’s experiment result, I think my project was successful in showing using scientific terminology. This is clearly shown in the invention, by using the slope and the cans movement. When I drop the aluminum can or steel can, the potential energy converts to the kinetic energy. Before letting the can, it has massive gravitational potential energy. Then, as soon as I drop the can, the potential energy changes into kinetic energy. When the can rolls down, the gravitational energy transforms into kinetic energy that moves energy. And then, there could be the unexpected force that disturbs cans kinetic energy. At the point when it is rolling down, aluminum can don’t affect by the magnet, but steel can be influenced by a magnet. As steel can goes down, they became slower than the aluminum can, so that it drops near the invention. And the opposite side, aluminum gain speed, they reach farther than steel can.

Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

I will choose the slope of the invention. Although there are many successes in the product, making hill was the most difficult task in the Science Engineering Project. As I mentioned in the Blogpost#3, I didn’t know what metaphor I should use to make Cycloid curve. However, I made a solution that I can make cycloid. To draw this part, I put the Cycloid picture in the brown cardboard, and sketch precisely along the line. This was working in the experiment. This made my invention feels clean, smooth and also made the result clear. Another product/process was successful was the result wasn’t sure. At the first experiment, sometimes the result was right, but next few times, it made errors. The cans get more speed so that it didn’t go into the box. Therefore, I increased some heights of the table to prevent bouncing away. And then, it worked. This made the aluminum can, and steel can help to go in the right direction. It made the result 100%. Lastly, it was the design part. I was not good at drawing, so I was worried that the invention is being looked bad. Therefore, I concentrated on drawing the animals face, and the flowers. I also write some letters that represent the device. It was nice. This was my exciting part of my Science Engineering Project.

Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

The product/process I need to improve is the design part. The design part had successful and needed to improve part. It gives more quality than I thought, but I think it is insufficient to attract kids to play with this toy. Although I drew flowers, when you see it with some distance, you could confuse is this designed? I should improve to paint some parts of my invention. For example, the slope of my invention can be black and yellow because it matches the jungle. Also, I will write words like Speed, because kids can be interested and play with my toy. I prefer to paint the brown cardboard to bright colors that give people who are using good mood, gives people a positive image.

Explain the impact of this project on the environment and potential client/consumer

My potential client/consumer is elementary kids. They could have a match between classmates, friends, and teachers, students. Everyone can enjoy my invention. Come and try it.

Blogpost#3: Create and Improve


2nd Period

At first, I made the box that should contain the aluminum can and steel can when the experiment goes. I brought a big one foam from the back side of the class and started to draw and cut down the rectangle shape foam. I was planning to make 5 pieces of rectangle shape foam. I thought it would take no more extended 20 minutes to glue all the foams and rest of the time; I should start planning how to make a slope. However, it took me 30 minutes to cut only two pieces. I was confused that it took so long than I expected. Therefore, I hurried up, and eventually, I cut five pieces with width 5cm, length 18cm and glued them at the end of the class. When I finished attaching the rectangle shape of foams, the width and height were not equal. Therefore as the solution, I handle some width to match correctly.

3rd Period

By the 3rd period, I finished my box handling and started to plan how to make the slope. I was considering to make the hill as ‘Cycloid.’Cycloid is the curve traced by a point on the rim of a circular wheel as the wheel rolls along a straight line without slipping. It is known as it is the fastest line including straight line and curve line. I thought by using straight line and curve line, and it should make a good result for the invention experiment. Therefore, I determined to use the cycloid line. However, there was a big problem. I don’t know how to draw it. To solve the problem, at first, I tried to make cycloid with the program called ‘GeoGebra.’ At the starting point, it worked well, but it suddenly does not work and failed. I was worried that I couldn’t make the slope of the invention. The hill was the most critical part of my toy. Without slope, my device could not work. I thought and thought to make the solution. And then, I came up with the idea. I figured out by bringing up the cycloid picture and draw the same line. I printed and drew the cycloid. I wanted to sketch in the foam so that I could construct, but there was not enough space in the foam to make. Therefore, I made the slope with brown cardboard. This material worked well than I thought. It was more convenient to handle. I cut and paste like the picture (below the text), and it was completed.

4th Period

I connected the slope and the box. I glued them together so that it will not become separate or fallen off on the ground. As I pasted, I did the first experiment with the invention. In the first try, I worked. I was so happy. However, There was a little problem, after the test, I did several times, but there were sometimes the result go wrong. For example, the can went outside the box by having more velocity. It should lend inside the box. To prevent this situation, I made the latest foam box a little higher than the front rectangle shape of the box. And then it worked. The theory was aluminum can doesn’t get influenced by the magnet, so it gets faster and goes into the box and steel can get slower by the magnetic field so that it drops near the invention. I bought some bar magnets from the market to reduce the velocity of the steel can. At school, there was a magnet that shaped circle, but I thought it was too strong so that the steel can stop in the point where I put the magnet. When I attached the bar magnet to the invention, it was not as strong as I thought. I was confused so I put 2 bar magnets the center of the gravity changed and it became unstable. Therefore, I used some magnets look like a circle, and it worked. When I did my experiment with my invention, it was successful.

Until the 4th period I was fixing and making solutions all the time by occurring problems like error results and lack of materials that I was supposed to need for my device. After my invention improved, I showed to my friends and even my family. There were lots of opinions about the invention, but the most common feedback has developed the design. The brown cardboard was too simple to attract the kids. They also complained to me decorate a toy. Accepting the opinions, I determined to left school to improve my invention’s weakness.

After School Period

I stayed after school to improve my invention. I decided to write some familiar topics for children. I wrote Zoo, Welcome, Animal Kingdom. Thanks to Mr. Torigo teacher and my friends, they recommended for me colors that looks good on the letters. I sketched on the bottom of the box with blue and green so that we could divide grassland and sea. I also draw some animal faces in the cans like dolphins, shark, lion, and octopus. (Saying again, this is for children) Eventually, the experiment result was succeeded and my invention’s weakness, the design had improved. I’m satisfied with my invention.



Blogpost #2: Develop and Plan

Materials that I needed to make recycling machine is one foam, steel can, and aluminum can, 2 bar magnets, paintbrush, pallet, basket, glue gun, and color pen. I will use one foam to form a structure of my recycling machine, and steel can and aluminum can work for toys that children are going to use for playing. Using magnets will help the can to reduce the steel can’s velocity. And then paintbrush, pallet, and color pen for decorating the toy, basket for keeping the toy. Finally, glue gun for holding the structure

Monday – Working and finishing the Block post 1 and sketch the teacher.
Wednesday – Checking my sketch about invention start working. I will start cutting foam to   make structure and use the glue gun to hold. However, I don’t think I can do much as I believe.
Friday – I will make the cycloid curve and prepare some magnets and steel cans and aluminum cans. I will be taking some pictures that show the process of my invention and keep working to make toy.
Tuesday- I should be almost done with my invention, and if it is not done, I should quickly
handle my recycle machine.
Thursday – If I didn’t finish it, I should do my best to do it! And then, I will check if there are
The problem with the invention like safety. I will decorate my toy like put some stickers on it. I will test my device that has the right result.