Blogpost #2: Develop and Plan

Materials that I needed to make recycling machine is one foam, steel can, and aluminum can, 2 bar magnets, paintbrush, pallet, basket, glue gun, and color pen. I will use one foam to form a structure of my recycling machine, and steel can and aluminum can work for toys that children are going to use for playing. Using magnets will help the can to reduce the steel can’s velocity. And then paintbrush, pallet, and color pen for decorating the toy, basket for keeping the toy. Finally, glue gun for holding the structure

Monday – Working and finishing the Block post 1 and sketch the teacher.
Wednesday – Checking my sketch about invention start working. I will start cutting foam to   make structure and use the glue gun to hold. However, I don’t think I can do much as I believe.
Friday – I will make the cycloid curve and prepare some magnets and steel cans and aluminum cans. I will be taking some pictures that show the process of my invention and keep working to make toy.
Tuesday- I should be almost done with my invention, and if it is not done, I should quickly
handle my recycle machine.
Thursday – If I didn’t finish it, I should do my best to do it! And then, I will check if there are
The problem with the invention like safety. I will decorate my toy like put some stickers on it. I will test my device that has the right result.