Blogpost#4: Reflect and Share

Explain it works/doesn’t work using scientific terminology

According to my invention’s experiment result, I think my project was successful in showing using scientific terminology. This is clearly shown in the invention, by using the slope and the cans movement. When I drop the aluminum can or steel can, the potential energy converts to the kinetic energy. Before letting the can, it has massive gravitational potential energy. Then, as soon as I drop the can, the potential energy changes into kinetic energy. When the can rolls down, the gravitational energy transforms into kinetic energy that moves energy. And then, there could be the unexpected force that disturbs cans kinetic energy. At the point when it is rolling down, aluminum can don’t affect by the magnet, but steel can be influenced by a magnet. As steel can goes down, they became slower than the aluminum can, so that it drops near the invention. And the opposite side, aluminum gain speed, they reach farther than steel can.

Explain the areas you were successful in the product/process

I will choose the slope of the invention. Although there are many successes in the product, making hill was the most difficult task in the Science Engineering Project. As I mentioned in the Blogpost#3, I didn’t know what metaphor I should use to make Cycloid curve. However, I made a solution that I can make cycloid. To draw this part, I put the Cycloid picture in the brown cardboard, and sketch precisely along the line. This was working in the experiment. This made my invention feels clean, smooth and also made the result clear. Another product/process was successful was the result wasn’t sure. At the first experiment, sometimes the result was right, but next few times, it made errors. The cans get more speed so that it didn’t go into the box. Therefore, I increased some heights of the table to prevent bouncing away. And then, it worked. This made the aluminum can, and steel can help to go in the right direction. It made the result 100%. Lastly, it was the design part. I was not good at drawing, so I was worried that the invention is being looked bad. Therefore, I concentrated on drawing the animals face, and the flowers. I also write some letters that represent the device. It was nice. This was my exciting part of my Science Engineering Project.

Explain the areas you need to improve in the product/process

The product/process I need to improve is the design part. The design part had successful and needed to improve part. It gives more quality than I thought, but I think it is insufficient to attract kids to play with this toy. Although I drew flowers, when you see it with some distance, you could confuse is this designed? I should improve to paint some parts of my invention. For example, the slope of my invention can be black and yellow because it matches the jungle. Also, I will write words like Speed, because kids can be interested and play with my toy. I prefer to paint the brown cardboard to bright colors that give people who are using good mood, gives people a positive image.

Explain the impact of this project on the environment and potential client/consumer

My potential client/consumer is elementary kids. They could have a match between classmates, friends, and teachers, students. Everyone can enjoy my invention. Come and try it.