TOK – Pre Assessment

Hello, my name is Luke. Hwang and I am a junior. My hobby is to watch or play sports like soccer or basketball.

Question: What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?

In the world, people often decide judgments based on their knowledge, belief, or even their luck. Therefore, depending on which and how they were educated, people’s decisions or perspectives might be distinguished from others. While educating people, instructors like teachers most likely to teach learners about certain things; for example, in math class, you learn about certain problems such as one plus one is equal to 2. However, we cannot determine all the lessons we learn throughout our lives are 100% truth; some might have false information, or others can contain false interpretation.  Therefore, I believe people can judge what is right or wrong for sure based on proven proof regarding evidence, logic, or personal experiences.

The definition of proof is evidence or argument establishing a fact or the truth of a statement (dictionary). By proving the validity of incidents with reasonable reasons, it could be regarded as true or false for sure. For instance, since I was young, I love to eat Korean Barbeque, which is a grilled pork belly. And still, I like to have Korean Barbque as a meal. My experience or feeling towards grilled pork belly proves that Luke myself likes to eat Korean Barbeque for sure.

In conclusion, people might judge the validity of incidents based on proven proof using evidence, logic, or personal experiences.