Monthly Archives: November 2020

Interview Parents – TOK

Last weekend, I interviewed my parents about their school life to understand the development of technology and their implications for developing personal and shared knowledge.

First, I asked my mom about how she went to school and produce knowledge. She started to explain that as her home was far away from her high school, my mom had to take a bus and a subway every day. Therefore, she was required to get up early and prepare for the school by herself. For her study, she often used her dictionary to find the words that she did not know. Because there weren’t any electron-dictionary at that time, she brought thick paper dictionary to school. Not only paper dictionary, but also cassette and notes were the materials which she often uses in school.

Then, I questioned to my mom about her past memories and experiences of school. In 1980s, South Korea, typical high school had strict rules for students to follow. For instance, as my mom went to the high school for girls, there was a rule that all the girl students must cut their hair above students’ ear. I was shocked and asked my mom the reason; she explained that Korean society in the 1980s worried that when girls had a long hair, they would not study and play with others. Furthermore, when students took a test and got a lower grade comparing to the past exam, they got punished by the wooden stick; teachers hit student’s hip. Lastly, when a student forgot to bring her P.E. T-shirt, the person had to run the track ten times.

After hearing my mom’s real experiences, I felt I am a lucky student who can study without any physical punishment or pressure. I have never known that my parents studied at the harsh environment comparing to my school. I believed that my mom learned and studied as I am currently doing. Most importantly, I felt thankful to my parents who gave me a wonderful education and surrounding.

Baby Oral Reflection

This week Monday, I did my baby oral.

The global issue which I focused on is the representations of racial discrimination in the extract, from page 32 to page 33 in the graphic novel “American Born Chinese.” I specifically concentrated on symbolism, characterization, and compare-contrast structure. While I was presenting my baby oral, there are some parts which I did well and other parts which I have to improve. The part where I did well is that I explained my analysis specifically. I tried to explain some important panels deeply so that my claim would make sense. However, the part where I have to improve is that I think I have some problems with my communication skills. As there were numerous panels on my page to analyze, I had to speak faster than my usual talking speed. Therefore, maybe some words might be mispronounced by myself when discussing the oral.

DAMN-First Impression

This was my first time listening to a well-known American rapper Kendric Lamar’s album. Overall, I believe through his album “Damn,” Kendric Lamar desired to express his experiences or thoughts related to several social issues including racism. Referring to his personal experiences or even others’ stories, he makes his points of view toward different social problems. I was surprised when I observed that song titles were almost composed of one word. Considering the songs I knew since I was born, there wasn’t a song that has a one-word title. The usage of publishing a song with a one-word title emphasizes the message that Kendric Lamar wants to convey to the audience. Furthermore, I realized that Lamar sometimes portrays himself as “God.” The majority of the songs has a similar rhythm: repetitive and clear sound.