TOK and Politics Blog Post #1

My result from the Political Compass quiz below:

The Political Bias Test:

Pol Quiz:

Before taking political tests, I considered myself “political.” Every day morning, as soon as I wake up,  I always read articles on the Internet and think about current social issues in society. Thus, I often express my opinion to my family and friends about some sensitive political issues happening in the world today. However, I was unsure about my political standard (Libertarian or Conservative) as I did not have any chances to test my standings in politics.

After taking a quiz and looking at the results, I realized that  I am leaning “right” and “Conservative” while having a moderate standing. Based on this result, I think my political standard, which is right and Conservative, affects me as a learner. I realized that maybe I was not looking at the world in a moderate view but looking the society as a conservative view. Therefore, I want to learn more about my opposition in the political spectrum, which is Libertarian. Then, knowing two opposite sides of political standings will encourage me to have an un-bias decision and determine effective choices in my life.