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Selected “The School of Life” Articles

1. Walking in the woods

Walking in the Woods

This article describes how walking in the woods felt to the writer, which is intriguing and interesting.

2. A world without air travel

A World Without Air Travel

This article vividly describes how painful we are living without flight due to covid restrictions.

3. On old Photos of oneself

On Old Photos of Oneself

This article explains how looking on old photos of oneself feels. While reading this article, it makes the readers think about their childhood and old memories.

4. How to love

How to Love

This article shows how to love others. It explains how you have to behave and talk with someone who you like.

5. How to be a good listener

How to Be a Good Listener

Being a good listener is important for people who want to have a healthy relationship with others.

6. Food as therapy

Food as Therapy

Food is not only the one people must eat to live their lives but also acts as a therapy for ones who enjoys the flavor and the taste of the food to relieve on the stress.

7. The wisdom of Islamic gardens

The Wisdom of Islamic Gardens

This article explains mysterious and beautifulness of Islamic gardens.

8. How to take criticism

How to Take Criticism

Getting criticised from others is inevitable during the life. This article explains how you should effectively deal with criticism.