2021-2022 English Lang & Lit A SL Literary Text Metamorphosis

Metamorphosis Notes

Chapter 2 Notes – Luke

  • narrative point of view 

Third person point of view – effect on reading engagement and enhanced readers’ ability to monitor changing character emotions

  • setting 

Gregor’s house 

  • characters 

Gregor, Gregor’s dad, Gregor’s mom, and Grete (Gregor’s sister) 

Gregor’s dad: unkind man 

      : no sympathy for Gregor after Gregor undergoes transformation 

        : worry about family debts 

      : imply Kafka’s and Kafka’s dad’s relationship 

  • conflict
  • Gregor becoming more and more like an “insect” —> Gregor’s tastes in food or food preferences has changed/likes to crawl and hide under the sofa/wants to remove obstacles to make space for insects to become comfortable (changes family’s perception towards Gregor: First Gregor’s sister giving milk to Gregor because it was his favorite drink when Gregor was human/Later she starts to believe Gregor as an real insect due to his changed behavior and gradually loses interest in Gregor) 
  • Gregor’s dad misunderstood that Gregor attacked the mother —> throws fruits at Gregor, eventually hits him with an apple that becomes lodged in Gregor’s back (maybe foreshadowing Gregor’s death?) 
  • theme(s) 


  • Keep hiding from his family/prefers to stay alone 
  • use of language 


  1. Food (Changed family’s perception towards Gregor) 

Milk and bread: showing sympathy and consideration for Gregor after his transformation (Milk was Gregor’s favorite drink) 

Later, they leave a tray of various foods: family start to lose interest in feeding Gregor —> losing family’s sympathy and interest and treated as a real insect who lives in a house 

  • connections to the other literary texts we have studied