The graphic novel American Born Chinese has made the biggest impact on me mainly because it somewhat represents me the best. I am an American born Chinese person who came to an international school at a very young age. In the past, I had some struggles of finding what my true identity is. Although I haven’t encountered any racism or discrimination, or tried to change my identity, the general theme of the book relates to me the most.

I definitely have improved on being able to analyze different text types so far. My skills of being able to see and point out different literary devices used in speeches has definitely improved. analyzing different text types has definitely become much easier compared to what i did in the beginning of the year.

My skills of reading and writing has also developed this year. Not only am i able to read at a faster pace, but i also am able to understand certain text types even better than before.

Speaking i also think has developed. The general flow of speeches that i have done is much smoother than compared to before, the organization of what i have to say also became clearer.

I definitely have improved on social skills and communication skills the most. Being able to collaborate with teammates during group project has become, i would say, one of my strengths. i still think my self management skills could improve.

Open mindedness has definitely improved the most this year. I have a much more open mind to new things, allowing myself to understand and learn new and different things. I think “thinkers” is what i need to improve on the most.

Future goals i would like to set for myself is to be more organized and improve on my ability to have much more creative thinking skills

Baby Oral Reflection

The global issue i focused on was the effects of racism.

The extract that i chose was pages 120 to 121 from the novel American Born Chinese.

I decided to focus on the usages of caricature, color, and dialogue for both the extract and in the work as a whole.

I think what went well in terms on my oral was that i was able to establish my main points of my global issue and how the book American Born Chinese showed the global issue of effects of racism.

I think i can still improve on having a smoother speech such as in transition and how my chosen extract links with the global issue.

Next time, for me to prepare better, i think just to practice more and to have more strategic notes when presenting because in this baby oral, i somewhat just put down notes i thought i needed but actually didn’t need. Some points i would forget to talk about, but i wouldn’t have notes for that.

DAMN. First impressions

What do these songs seem to be about?

The first time that i listened to this album, i couldn’t really figure out a theme for his album. However, after listening to it multiple times and reading the lyrics, his songs seem to have a theme of his struggles of his childhood, also the struggles that African Americans face daily.


What makes these songs unique?

What makes his album unique is the Duality in it. He explores the themes that mainstream rap possesses for example material wealth. However, his album explores themes that relate to him personally that you don’t see in mainstream rap for example in the song DUCKWORTH, he explores his family history and he tries to show to the listener his personal experiences with life. instead of focusing on violence and drugs, he focuses on harmony, peace, rebuilding.


What are some techniques that you notice recurring in the music?

He uses different voices to control the tempo of the song. When he’s rapping, its fast pace but when he’s singing, its slightly slower and more laid out.


Which song do you like the best and why?

Personally, my favorite songs from his album is ELEMENT, DNA, and LOYALTY. Aside from the catchiness of these songs, the lyrical meaning behind it is also very deep which I personally enjoy.


Personal Comic Project


I created this comic to represent how I achieved something through hard work and not giving up. The cartoon is based on a real-life firsthand experience by me. I used techniques such as color, dialogue, and onomatopoeia to help progress my story. The cartoon is about how after many years of playing and practicing golf, I finally shot my best golf record of 82 strokes in 18 holes. Compared to professionals, it may not be a lot however, for me, it was a huge achievement since only 10% of golfers are able to shoot under 85. I used onomatopoeia to help the reader to connect more with my story, making them feel as if they’re with me at that exact moment. The speech bubbles and font also contribute to the mood of my cartoon. Because of its roundedness, it has a more pleasing look to the eye. If I were to make it more ridged, it would have had a more nervous feeling to it however, the main reason of why I scored my best that day was because I was calm throughout the holes. In conclusion, the overall theme of my cartoon project was to show how hard work and dedication can result in positive outcomes.


To Live Analysis

To Live Scene Analysis

Scene: 2:03:55- 2:05:36


Zhang YiMou’s film, To Live, illustrates the journey of a Chinese family and their struggles during the Chinese Cultural Revolution. In this specific extract of the film, Zhang Yimou uses a variety of film techniques such as camera angels, mise-en scene, set design, and symbolism to portray China and Fu Gui’s family’s life after the Cultural Revolution.

Figure 1

A main technique used in this scene (figure 1) is set design. Mainly, this set design contrasts to what the streets looked like during the 1960’s and 1970’s. During the cultural revolution, the streets were packed with people parading and celebrating, red banners and posters filled the walls. However, after the revolution diminished, the streets were back to “normal.” There were no longer red banners on the wall. By doing this, it makes the streets seem less crowded which makes the audience have a sense of peacefulness, calmness, and a new beginning.



Figure 2

Zhang Yimou also employs framing and symbolism (figure 2) to portray life in China as the people moved on. As we can see, there is a faded-out portrait of Mao Zedong in the background of this scene. By making Mao Zedong faded in this scene, we can sense how he and his policies were no longer favorable to the people, how his views were no longer thought after. Because of the framing, how Mao is put in the background and how the Fugui and Mantou are put in Front, it symbolizes how they have put Mao and his past ideologies behind, starting a new future with their family.

Figure 3

The red painting on the wall in figure 3 said, “The working class leads us all.” Before, when people believed Mao’s ideology of how the working class lead the people, the painting was in bright vibrant colors and stood out. However, later, people noticed that the Cultural Revolution was not working well. Therefore, people then moved on from believing the revolution and its policies. This is shown from how the painting has faded out over-time, and how no one has tried to fix or repaint the painting which symbolizes how people moved on from the revolution.


This was a very important scene in the film as it shows the afterlife of China and how people lived after the Cultural Revolution.


Matthew’s Propaganda Poster

This poster was created to encourage people to wear a mask when outside during the Covid-19 pandemic. This poster is targeting all audiences. The message of this poster is “Help Fight Covid-19, Wear a Mask!!!” as the main text. This poster uses literary devices such as symbolism, composition and pathos. Firstly composition. The poster uses the rule of thirds to show this. Starting from the bottom, we can see two men wearing masks, standing and pointing towards the mask in the center of the poster. This is done to praise the mask as it is one of the most effective and few ways to slow down or to stop the spread of Covid-19. The way the two men stand, and how the point heavenly and proudly upwards directs the audience to look at the most important part of the poster. This also gives the audience a sense of pathos, as the audience can feel more emotionally connected, from the positioning of the two men, which would likely make them want to wear a mask. Moving to the middle of the poster, we can see the center of the frame, the blue mask with the halo above it. This is placed directly in the center of the poster to symbolize its importance. The halo effect above the mask help illustrate the intellectual superiority of wearing a mask and how the ones who do care about the community they live in. The background of the poster shows the targeted location which is the outdoors. Since many people still go out of their houses for certain reasons, it is important to remember to keep always wear a mask. Not only protecting yourself, but also protecting your community.


Street Photography Portfolio


I chose this photo as one of my final 5 because of the main subject in the middle of the picture. I like how theres only 1 person in the photo which can show loneliness. Another reason on why i chose this photo over others is that the persons face is covered by nature which makes the person anonymous to the audience which can give a sense of curiosity. I took this photo like any other shot, this time i was just squatting lower so that the trees wouldn’t cover way too much of the person. If i could have done something different, i would have gone maybe closer to the person to get a better view of him. Also, i could have gotten a shot with his face uncovered by the leaves of the trees and compare it to the one i have now to see which one might have a better story.



This is one of my favorite photos out of all the 5. I chose this photo as one of my final 5 because of the loneliness of the people in the center of the photo. I like how so little is going on in the photo giving it a sense of peace and calmness to it. Another reason on why i chose this photo over other photos i took is because of how theres only one thing to focus on in the photo and its in the middle of the frame which allows the audience be able to pay more attention to the main subject. Making the photo in black and white was a very good idea because it blends the main subjects on the boat with the water and the trees. If the photo was in color, too much would be going on which wouldn’t be so pleasing. If i could do something different, maybe i could have tried zooming in more to see if it will look different, perhaps give a different story and a different perspective.



This is my favorite photo out of all of them. The reason on why i chose to have this as one of my final 5 photos is because of the main concentration of the photo. Our theme for our final project was to show either past, present, or future China and i think that this is a great photo of the past China. The elder in this photo and the traditional bike in the background gives a sense that you were in the pas of China. I think i made a great decision on keeping the photo in black and white because it gives the photo much more story to tell. With colors, there was too much going on in the photo but as i changed it to black and white, the main subject of the photo popped out more which is the old man in the middle of the picture. I took this picture when i walked pass him, i looked backwards to wait for the group to come because i was ahead of them and i saw this perfect frame so i took a picture of it and this was the result. One thing i think i can do differently is maybe have a different angle of the picture. because of the more modern chair in the front, the sense of “old” fades out a bit but without the chair it would have been a much better photo.




This is also one of my favorite photos. I chose this because of how the main subject in the middle stands out. His white shirt makes him pop out more than the grey back and foreground. This represents old and modern China. Old is because the modern China today is always busy, people are always on their phones, calling, texting but in this picture, the man is resting which because technology wasnt so advanced back then, it gives it a old feeling. Modern is because of the electric bike he’s sitting on. One thing i could have changed in this photo is maybe wait for the 2 people on the side to leave because they distract the main subject of the photo which is in the middle. i also maybe could have gotten close to the person in the middle to cut out any excess background that may be distracting.



I chose this as one of my final photos is because of its context and rarity. The mad waved off the people behind me, asking them not to take a photo but i got a picture of him doing that which gives it a interesting story. Also, the texture in the background gives it a very interesting view point. The man also stands out a lot because of his old fashioned outfit which relates to our theme of the photo which is old china. i also like how his white outfit stands out more than the background which brings him out and makes him in the middle and center of focus. One thing i could have done differently is maybe to capture it at a different angle. Changing it to black and white was a much better idea than keeping it in color. The colors in the background of this photo was too distracting and it didn’t bring the main focus point out which is the man in the middle of the picture


  1. In this photo, the photographer attempts to take a photo of the youth enjoying life and having fun. this is achieved through the kids climbing the tree.
  2. This image is in black and white which gives it a much older style to it. IT might be because of the time period it was taken in.
  3. The photo composition is mostly active and has a bit of calmness in it. As we can see in the background, there are kids or adults riding their bikes along the pond. As we can see in the foreground, kids are climbing the tree and the way they pose gives it a very active style. However, in the middle-ground, the people sitting on the bench maybe taking a break from walking or just enjoying the view gives the photo a much less active environment.
  4. The photographer might have been on a  hill or maybe even on a tree since we can see just a bit that the frame of the picture gradually drops downwards.
  5. The angle of the photo is quite straight however, the foreground is much higher than the background.
  6. Quite a lot is captured in the lens of the photographers camera. Because the photo is stretched out with a wider lens, much more is captured. The subject of this photo is the people on the trees because its mostly focused on them and they’re in the foreground and in the middle of the frame.
  7. If i had to give the photo a name, i would name it ” By the Lake” since the location of the photo is at a lake/ pond.

  1. The subject of this image perhaps is sitting on his balcony or he might be on a boat maybe enjoying the view.
  2. The photo is in color. Color has a major effect on this photo because of the purple and blue sky in the background which gives the photo a much more interesting context and i think that its better in color rather than in black and white.
  3. The photo is very calm since the main subject of this photo is the man sitting on the bench looking at something. There aren’t any other people which makes the picture much more relaxing. Also the background sky color is a very soothing color and the texture of it looks very smooth. the fade of the sky also makes the photo much more soothing to the human eye.
  4. the angle of this photo is very interesting because the wall is kind of curved into a oval shape which is very different because the balcony view is usually rectangular or square. The photographer is not too close to the person, if he was too close he might not be able to capture the beautiful night sky.
  5. i think the photographer was standing still when he took the photo because how even it is and how the frame of the picture isn’t tilted.
  6. I think the photographer used a wide lens to capture the background which effects the picture a lot.
  7. If i gave the photo a name i would name it “night sky” because the main attraction of the photo is the purple sky.