What Makes a Good Blog?

  Nice, big, clear, engaging, neat, amazing, enticing, unique, original, title High-quality, neat, clear, engaging, amazing, enticing, creative, unique, original, related-to-theme type of pictures Short, concise descriptions HASHTAGS Link other websites, social media sites, etc. for ease of use Be creative with your concepts Interesting writing Organized (table of contents) Numbered lists make it easy […]

TOK Semester 1 Reflection Questions

1.During the first semester, we considered knowledge questions related to “Knowledge and the Knower” and “Knowledge and Technology.”  Looking back, what learning engagements stand out to you the most and why? The learning engagements that stand out the most to me are the “Knowledge and Technology Group Challenge” and watching “The Social Dilemma” and “The […]

My Parents’ School Life Experiences

For this assignment, I interviewed my parents, Mike and Salene, who are both in their fifties, on their high school education. Their school experienced differ from mine in terms of communication, accessibility and choice. When asking the first question (What tools did they use when they were going to school to learn and/or to produce […]