Effective Ensemble Member Qualities

To be an effective ensemble member, you need to have the following qualities;

  1. (A) risk-taker
  2. Positive and energetic
  3. Aware and In Control
  4. Focused
  5. Active Listeners
  6. Cooperative & Collaborative
  7. Efficient 
  8. Leaders & Followers
  9. Positively Critical and able to act on criticism.


  1. Which of these qualities do you feel is the most important? (and why)

I personally feel like the quality of being aware and in control is the most important because it can apply to both in the ensemble and outside. If you’re aware of your position and/or surroundings it’s easier for you to make choices based on pretty much anything, it means you can control what happens to you and therefore that can dictate most of the other qualities on this list. Example: If you’re aware and in control then you can change your mood and loosen up thus making you cooperative, and maybe if you’re the one that’s in control and aware and mainly everyone else isn’t then that can allow you to easily take up the role of leader yet still allowing yourself to draw back and become a follower because of your awareness

  1. Which one of these qualities do you feel you need to work on this semester? AND WHY?

I feel like I need to work on #7, which is, being more efficient. As an individual, I often find myself enjoying drama wwwaayyy too much, in the midst of everything I can get to be productive but not as much as I want to. And since, I really want to focus on myself throughout this semester and improve my acting skills then I think I need to improve my efficiency in dramatic settings this semester.

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