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Eyeglasses Project

Paul Qi

Design Studio 10

Eyeglasses Project


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The main audience of my product is high school students between 14 and 18 years old in ISB. High school students will be more inclined to simple, sturdy glasses, which is more in line with the identity of the student. Similar Design ideas, I will use simple design ideas as soon as possible and ensure that the structure of the glasses is firm, to better meet the needs of the audience.

Some designs that inspired my design:

This design has greatly inspired my idea. It provided me with the basic structure and shape of the glasses. In this design, the frame of the glasses is round. This is a very widely used design. It fits many people’s faces and is also very comfortable. The material of the glasses should be some kind of metal wire, which is one of the reasons why this design chooses a round frame because it will be very easy to make and produce. The metal material also ensures that the frame is very strong and not too heavy. The glasses have independent nose pads and bridges. This will make this design easier to mass-produce, and thus a wide range of sales. And the comfort and applicability of the independent nose pad are better, it can make everyone can wear it comfortably through its deformable nature.

This idea inspired me to use recycled plastic to make glasses as the raw materials for making glasses. It would be a good idea because these recycled plastics will reduce the pollution caused by plastics and reuse these industrial products. And the strength and weight of this material can meet our needs for glasses, so it will be feasible to use recycled plastic as a raw material to make our glasses.

This design inspired me to the basic design of the arm. A thicker arm can ensure a more stable center of gravity, while also making the arm stronger without adding too much weight. So this is a very good design. At the same time, there is a downward arc at the end of the arm. It is like a hook, which can make the eyes more stable on our ears. I think this is a very good design and I plan to add it to my design.

My design ideas


These are pictures of my design ideas. I first designed the appearance of the glasses. In the process of designing the appearance, I envisioned many types of designs, but considering my target audience, I think my design should be more conservative because it will be closer to my audience. Demand. After that, I began to consider other parts of the design, such as the arm and bridge design, and I conceived different styles of the arm. In the end, I decided to design a slightly curved arm, because this will make the glasses more comfortable. While designing the arm, I also made several designs on how to connect the arm and the glasses frame. This will make my arm fold up and make my product more practical.

Preferred design

These are three designs that I think are reasonable and I like very much

  1. windproof glasses

This is a design of windproof glasses. It has a very large coverage area and can well cover the eyes. At the same time, he uses the lenses of sunglasses, which can also block the sun. The nose pads of this eye are integrated with the frame. The nose pads extend back slightly under the frame, giving more contact area with the nose so that the eyes can be fixed more stably. And this eye has a bendable place at the end of the arm. By bending the end, we can make the arm better form a hook to fix it on our head to prevent the eye from falling off.

2. Round-frame glasses

This is my second design, which is a very traditional round-frame glasses. It will be made of plastic, so the glasses will have higher strength and lighter weight. This will be very suitable for long-term wear, especially in schools, students may need to wear glasses for a long time, this design will be able to well meet the needs of the target audience.


My design prototype

This is my first design prototype. I used Adobe Illustrator to draw this prototype. And use 3mm cardboard to make it. This design prototype shows a lot of problems in my design. First of all, the overall frame is small, which is not suitable for high school students. At the same time, there is not enough contact area between the arm and the frame to connect them, which makes the glasses as a whole very fragile and easy to damage. So I need to change my design to improve these problems.

This is my second design prototype. I learned the lesson of the previous design prototype. At first, I added an area on the periphery of the glasses frame to fix my arm. Then I found that by cutting a hole on it, Allow the arm to extend in, which will more effectively increase the contact area between the arm and the glasses frame, and at the same time make it more stable, and then fix the arm by using hot melt glue. And I also increased the size of the glasses, but I did not manage the size, so this time the prototype is slightly larger. At the same time, I found that the position of the nose pads of the glasses is slightly higher, which makes the nose pads unable to provide effective support for the glasses, and the glasses are not very stable to wear.

Final product

After learning the lessons of the previous design prototype, I once again modified the size of the glasses to adapt it to my own wear. At the same time, I also made the nose pads more down, so that it can effectively support the glasses. This time I also directly used recycled plastic to make it. This is also an experiment with materials, because for me this is a brand new material, and I don’t know how it will change my design. But from the results, I am still satisfied with the performance of recycled plastic, because its weight and strength meet my needs. The drawbacks are that the thickness of this material is still uneven and the laser cutting melted the recycled plastic, which caused me to deal with these areas that would affect the appearance.

Some changes to my design

Considering the practicality of the glasses, being able to fold and store them will greatly improve the portability of the product, so I decided to make some changes to the original design so that my glasses can be folded.

The first solution allows the arm to rotate by changing the connection between the arm and the frame, but this solution limits the angle of the arm’s rotation. If you want to make the arm fully folded, you need to change the design of the arm, so I didn’t use this solution instead. The second option was chosen. The second solution is to add an extra part to extend the frame part and drill holes in the middle through the notch and the protruding part of the arm so that the arm can be completely folded. At the same time, this extra part can be directly added to the original frame, so I only need to change the design of the arm without having to cut a new pair of glasses.

Original arm design (top two) and modified arm design (bottom two)

Justify design choices

I think this is a good design, it meets the needs of my target audience, and its strength and appearance also meet my expectations. First of all, this is a very versatile design, most people can use it directly, which makes this product easier to popularize and use, which is very important for a product. Secondly, this product is made of recycled plastic, so it will not cause any pollution to the environment, and it can even alleviate the harm of plastics to the global environment. And the strength and weight of recycled plastic also meet the needs of the target audience. It can withstand a certain degree of bending and squeezing, and the lighter weight can also allow the wearer to use it comfortably. But at the same time, this product also has some problems. The first is the instability caused by the material. Because I considered the thickness of the recycled plastic to be three millimeters when designing, but due to technical problems, the thickness of the material is not even. The whole material is The unevenness not only caused me a lot of trouble in the production process but also made the product full of uncertainty, because the quality and parameters of the product may be affected by the uncertainty of the material. Secondly, for some people, wearing glasses for a long time may cause some troubles. For example, my skin and hair will secrete oil, which makes the glasses unstable.


How is your final design concept an effective response to your user? What makes this design successful?

My design is successful and satisfies the needs of the target audience well. My target audience is isb high school students. My product can meet their wearing comfort requirements. At the same time, the weight of this product is also very light, and it will not feel tired because of long-term wearing. At the same time, my design is also very environmentally friendly, echoing the concept of ISB’s sustainable development, so that my design will not only not pollute the environment, but can even reduce the damage of plastics to the environment.

What went well with your process and product?

The design part in this project went very smoothly, because I have worn glasses for many years, so what are my needs for high school students for a pair of glasses. I can quickly and clearly locate the function of my glasses and start designing, and constantly improve my design during the production process.

What would you improve if you had more time?

If I have more time next time, I hope I can perfect the connection between the arm and the spectacle frame, because this will be the most important part and functionality of the eye. If the arm and spectacle frame can be firmly connected, this will make my design more practical to use.

What will you do differently next time and why?

Next time, I may try to change my thinking and design some glasses that can highlight the characteristics of the audience, because glasses are a kind of objects that are easy to be observed, and it will be very interesting to be able to show personality on them.

Wallet project

Paul Qi

Design Studio

In this unit, we heated the plastic to remake it into a wallet. My audience in this design is ISB students, that is, myself. I hope this design can meet the needs of our daily life in school. The functionality will be the focus of my design. Due to the status of students, we do not carry too much cash with us, and we need to carry this wallet with us. And we often need to use our student cards in schools. So I think this wallet should fit comfortably in our pockets and be able to hold a certain amount of RMB and our student ID card.

Early thoughts:

Final design:

Decisions in my design
In terms of visual style, I hope that the product has black as the main color. First, black is more resistant to dirt, so I don’t need to worry about the appearance of the wallet after a period of use. Secondly, black can easily be integrated into various styles of clothing., Don’t worry about the wallet being too obtrusive. The last and the main reason is that black is my favorite color, so since the audience of this product is myself, I think black will be good.

The pattern attached to my wallet:


Material is the most important part of my product. The material determines the quality of the entire wallet. In order to avoid that the material is too hard to bend or because the material is too soft, there is no texture and protection for the student ID card. I finally chose to use bubble wrap and fruit foam net to make my raw materials. By stacking and heating these materials, I got the right materials. After many tests, I finally chose to use 4-layers of bubble wrap and 3-layers of fruit foam net to make my raw material. And I added black plastic film for decoration on both sides of the raw material, giving me the color I wanted and some interesting patterns.

The previous trial product, thick material made it difficult to bend:

In order to be able to put in the RMB and the student ID card, I first expanded it according to the size of the RMB. I enlarged the length and width by about 2 cm. This not only facilitates us to put in and take out the RMB flatly but also for our future The stitching leaves a certain amount of operating space. In the original design, the student ID card is placed horizontally in the wallet, but this undoubtedly increases the length of the wallet. Therefore I decided to put the student ID card in the wallet vertically, so I slightly increased the height of the wallet on the original basis, but in this way, I can put the student ID card in while avoiding too much area as much as possible. This design Another advantage brought about is that since the opening of the pocket of the student ID card is facing inward, the student ID card is unlikely to fall off. The plastic size of the inner and outer layers of the wallet is also different. In order to ensure that the wallet can be closed, the outer plastic is about 1.75cm longer than the inner plastic.

The size of the wallet compared to RMB and student ID card:


What’s working well with your design? What’s successful and why?

I think my design is very successful in terms of functionality and beauty. This wallet satisfies all the functions we need as students in daily life and provides some convenience for our daily life. It can store a certain amount of RMB, and it can also store our student ID card safely. The black plastic I added to the outer layer of the wallet also provides patterns for the wallet.

What would you improve if you had more time?

If I have more time, I will use the time to complete my design with the sewing machine. Due to the lack of time in class, I have not been able to use the sewing machine to complete my wallet. Go home and sew by hand. This has led to a decrease in the stability of my design, and a decrease in the robustness and aesthetics of manual sewing. Therefore, if I have more time, I would like to be able to complete my design by using a sewing machine.

What would you do differently next time?

Next time I may try to design wallets with different uses and functions according to different audiences. Due to the changing audiences, the wallet also needs to make a lot of changes. It will be very interesting to make a design that is both similar and different.

3D modeling final reflection

We have completed our 3D modeling course. In this semester, I first encountered Fusion 360 and used it to model several projects. In this semester of study, I also encountered some challenges. Familiar with how to use fusion is the first problem I encountered when I was exposed to fusion 360. I can imagine the model I want to make in my mind. , But it takes a lot of time to present my ideas by using Fusion 360. But after continuous learning, I can be proficient in using Fusion 360 to turn my ideas into models. After this semester of study, I can skillfully use fusion 360 to complete modeling and learned some methods of drawing and calculating balance and center of gravity.
Container modeling process:
1. Think about what kind of container you want to make.
2. Draw this idea into a sketch.
3. Modify the sketch to further improve the design.
4. Use the sketch tool to create a specific frame on the front of the container of my design.
5. Use a cylinder to make the hinge of the door and add the hinge to the frame
6. Add a cuboid to the hinge, this is the first door of the container.
7. Add a handle to the door
8. Start making drawers
9. Make a cuboid.
10. Leave a 1cm border for this cuboid and hollow out the top.
11. Open the slide rail slot on the side of the drawer.
12. Add handles to the drawer
13. On the upper three grids, open the track required by the pulley
14. Create three cuboids, which become the three doors of the three grids
15. Add a pulley for each door
16. Finish

Humor Unit Final Reflective

Now my English study at the 9th grade of ISB is coming to an end. And we have just completed our last unit. In this unit, we learned how the author uses language to create a sense of humor. Authors often use different techniques and techniques in their articles to make them humorous. Among them, there are both useful word skills, sentence skills, and telling skills. These skills are diverse, but they are all very helpful to increase the sense of humor in the article. For example, the use of contrast to create a sense of humor, or the use of exaggerated rhetoric to create a sense of humor, these are very common techniques and techniques to increase the sense of humor. But on this topic, I still want to learn more about the theoretical knowledge and writing skills about humor, because of the sense of humor in the article will bring great help and fun to the reader. Because interesting articles can allow readers to understand the theme of the article more clearly, and allow readers to read our article. Therefore, I think it is very important to learn more about the theoretical knowledge on how to make the article more humorous, and it is necessary to learn in the future. I completed the SMART goal I set. But the degree of completion is not very high, and there is still room for improvement. I think I have done better in these aspects of SMART. However, time management has not been done very well. In today’s online learning, it shows the shortcomings of my time management ability, and I am more clearly aware of my deficiencies and areas that need improvement. I will also carry out in the future Improve to achieve better results. In the study of this unit, I also encountered some challenges. But the biggest challenge is still the reading of poetry. Because the reading and writing modes of poems are different from other articles, poems adopt a more unique writing mode. Therefore, the reading is also different from other articles, which is somewhat challenging for me, because I rarely read about poetry, which has always become my shortboard, but this time The study also made up for the lack of reading poetry. In this unit, I read many poems repeatedly, which helped me a lot in understanding the meaning of poems. While constantly exploring the central ideas that the author wants to express, I can also understand more deeply how the writing of poetry works. I think I completed the two SAL standards, but there is still room for improvement. The first is responsibility. Increasing my feedback is very important for learning. This is more clearly reflected in today’s online learning. However, in my work, I have been in a state of passive feedback, so there is room for improvement in this regard. Time management is also very important. Time management can use our time more efficiently and make the work complete more quickly and efficiently, which will also bring great help to my study. Then there is altitude. In this respect, I think I can mainly improve perseverance. Accepts challenges are also very important. In the future, I will work hard to accept more challenges and complete these challenges, although my English9 study is almost all I did it online, I still learned a lot. Even if I study online, my English ability has greatly improved. And the daily reading practice has also improved my English. And I also learned a lot of writing skills and expression methods, which has brought great help to my English study. In the future study of English10, I hope to further improve my English. And I think that online learning may also cause some decline in oral English. I hope I can carry out more training and improvement in next year’s study.

Lamp Design

Lamp Design

Paul Qi

In this lamp design, I found and analyzed many lamps on the Internet. By looking for the characteristics and differences of these designs, I drew my sketches and made a more intuitive 3D model to help my design be easier to understand.

What is your favorite aspect of your lamp design?

I am very satisfied with the symmetry of my design. The hot air balloon is symmetrical from any angle, so I am very satisfied with the appearance of my design.

If you were to take this design further, how could you make a physical prototype of your lamp?

If I need to make a weak model of this design, I need the following materials:
Metal stand
power supply
light bulb
Conversion plug
Wire as the skeleton of a hot air balloon
Cloth (as the surface of a hot air balloon)
String (connects hot air balloon and lower half)
With these materials in place, I can start making physical models of my designs.
The production steps are as follows:
1. Make a skeleton with steel wire
2. Install the conversion plug
3. Connect the wires
4. Installation switch
5. Install the bulb
6. Connect the power
7. Make the lampshade
8. Connect the hot air balloon and the lower part with a wire
9. Fix the hot air balloon to the bracket
10. Coloring
11. complete

What do you think you need to learn more about?

I still have a lot to learn and strengthen. I think I need to know more about the raw materials for making table lamps, because the material of the lamp cover will have a great influence on the refractive index and light transmission, which will have a certain impact on the brightness of the lamp. And the appearance of the lampshade also affects the angle of light exposure, so I think learning how to improve my lampshade so that my design is more in line with demand.

Product Design

How could observational drawing be a useful technique in the define & enquire phase of the design process?

observational drawing is a technique often used in our classrooms and in our lives. By observational drawing, we can have a clear understanding and an intuitive feeling of the product we want to design, which is of great significance to define and enquire about our design. And observational drawing can also strengthen our understanding and quality of painting, which is of great significance for us to design our products.

Briefly describe what you did for the observational drawing part of the unit

I also practiced observational drawing at home. I drew glass, metal, and glasses. I tried different materials and objects in these exercises. I drew a glass. The glass is all made of glass, so it is difficult to express the transparency and smoothness of the glass. Because of the arc of the glass, the light will also be refracted, so I refer to it in the actual painting. A lot of physical pictures of the glass were provided to provide references for my painting and add details. And I also painted a metal spoon. Compared to the texture of glass, the metal’s luster and texture are easier to draw. In my painting, I used the spoon in my home for painting. The real thing brings to my painting. It helps a lot because I can feel the size, shape and shadow shape of the spoon more intuitively. The design of the eye is a design that combines the texture of metal with the texture of glass to give play to my imagination.

What is visualization drawing and what are the biggest challenges?

visualization drawing is a technique for conveying information using visual communication such as drawing and animation. Some meanings and ideas expressed through pictures, visualization drawing can express both abstract meaning and specific meaning. How to express and let the other party correctly understand the meaning you want to express will be the focus and difficulty of the visualization drawing. How can we make most people have similar understanding and feelings about the same drawing, and successfully convey what we want to express.


Product design


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