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Packaging: Define and Enquire

Design Brief:


Padlet Inspiration:



What this product idea is:

to be able to give customers the ability to buy food outside and use the packaging without feeling that it is too inconvenient or damaging the environment.  Not only for meals but also for snacks!

  • easy to carry
  • environmentally friendly


using recycled cardboard to   reduced waste caused by using one-use-only containers/packaging




A change of design.

Why is there this change:

My mum has asked me to do this project about an interior architect and I believe that this is a great opportunity.

What this product is :

The interior architect design for a showroom/meeting room.

Components that should be included (what the user want to be included in):

  • small kitchen space
  • meeting/conference space
  • office space


My mum, and the other people involved in this “showroom” project.  Then it will be presented and a space that will be used to present.






  1. Your blog tells me what you want to do, and it’s clear and concise. My only question is, what is the mood board? Is it some of the designs that you want to do?

  2. your blog is great! it’s well organised and your patterns are gorgeous. my only question is who this specifically appeals to? nice job 🙂

  3. Your idea is great! And I love all of the inspirations that you have on your padlet. However, since there are lots of designs out there already, you might be a little bit challenging to design a brand new design. And also, you can also consider a material that can help you to make a non-one-use-only packaging. This way it can be even better in regards to environmentally friendly.

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