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Nature Inspired Chair Design

Our research problem was to incorporate nature into our chair design. My inspiration for this project was honeycombs, something that drew me towards this is the interesting shape that is so naturally formed.

In the beginning, I had two designs that I sketched out however I didn’t use any of the two designs that I thought of. On the day that we were supposed to make the product, I thought of a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. And this is my Sweat Stool.

My original design seemed too complicate and would have been very difficult to build using cardboard as it consists of a leg shape chair.

In my sketches, it is easy to tell which sketches I spent more time on. Looking through my sketchbook, it seems color-coordinated, but I never had those intentions.

Something that I could have done better was to make it more challenging, the design that I thought of for my final chair no seem too simple. Next time I would want to spend more time brainstorming different chairs and not just stick to one solid design. It would be very interesting to see what I originally wanted to create come to life.

In this new design, the main shapes are hexagons since that is the main shape that can be referred to as honeycombs. Something that I thought was challenging was creating the poster that went along with it. Because this design is so simple, it was difficult finding something to explain and fill up space. Overall I really liked my design and hope that one day I may be able to create this.



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  1. Hi Stephanie, your reflection here is very good. Can you please include some pictures? And your final presentation (embedded image and as a PDF link).

    Thank you!

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