what should be included in the design:

  • tearoom
  • restroom
  • kitchen area
  • community space
  • offices
  • easy flow from room to room
  • showroom space


amount of people:

  • offices: 4-6 people
  • small events: 10-15 people
  • large events: 30 people


birdseye view sketch:

first floor:

second floor:

perspective sketches:


making sketchings of the interior design of a warehouse showroom.

different views of the building. (different perspective drawings)

things I need to complete:

  • different perspective sketching
  • birdseye view planning (done)
  • take pictures of the space
  • maybe do the outside design of the space as well

Original Plan:

Dimensions:  205.20   m x 147.60 m

Total Area:3028.75m^2

First Floor

Second Floor