"I have no special talent. I am only passionately curious" - Albert Einstein

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Understand the word understanding,

It isn’t something that is so flying.

They say that it is just that easy,

But it has made everyone queasy.

Cuz you gotta think about every single part,

Gotta touch their frickin heart.

No thought should be missed, no aspect dismissed.

All those layers you gotta peel back, don’t be a slack.


Find all the pieces to the puzzle, get every single view.

It’s gonna have some ditches, why you feelin so blue.

Just take your time to understand, not everything will go as planned.

There are things that won’t be known,  and things that won’t be in zone.

Look through a different glass, and see for yourself.

All those stories to be told, all those books on the shelf.

Gotta see every different perspective, they say it will be subjective.

But it is something that has to be done,  something not so fun.


It’s true, they have opinions too.

But the art of understanding isn’t so simple.

Everything starts off as a small ripple.

Then different layers start to form,

And all the perspectives are born.

No, it’s not that simple!








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  1. I love your poem, Steph! This encompasses a lot of the main concepts and throughlines from our Action Research Course.

    I see connections to things that we did/talked about in class. I also see lots of metaphors and analogies.

    I think the poem makes it clear that to “understand” is not a simple matter. I think the first stanza focuses on the question of what it means to understand, and what makes an argument effective. I think the second stanza focuses on how to gather multiple perspectives of an issue–which of course ties back to what it means to understand! The last stanza seems to provide a nice conclusion and transition from gathering multiple perspectives to, overall, how one can begin to understand “understanding.”

    I wonder who “they” refers to in the first line of the third stanza… maybe it means all other people in general? Or is it a specific group of people–people who only look at one perspective?

    Anyways, fascinating poem and great reflection! 🙂

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