In our TOK lesson, we were asked to debate on the question if ignorance is bliss. My team was on the agreeing side, where we believe that ignorance is bliss. I personally believe that ignorance is bliss. I also believe that based on the points given from the opposing team, they won the debate however our crossfire points were solid and further persuaded me about ignorance and bliss.

We were the agreeing team so we started off with establishing key terms, that ignorance is referred to as situational ignorance and bliss is happiness. Our first point was that gaining knowledge about the world around us would cause mental stress on us therefore not causing bliss. We also argue that because humans tend to focus and think more about the negative emotions that surround us, ignorance would be more blissful. Another point that we mentioned is that if we simply don’t know about something, then there is nothing to be stressed or worried about; we cannot worry about something that we don’t know. However, one of our arguments that I personally was not so clear about is the statement that knowledge causes isolation.

The opposing team argues that ignorance is not bliss. Where ignorance can harm or endanger someone like if one were ignorant of the road sign when driving. Another main argument made by the team is that knowledge is needed to achieve happiness and that if one is ignorant they may not know what happiness is. They also pointed out that knowledge can help one find what makes one happy or be more successful in achieving happiness.

Still, after the researching, developing and supporting that ignorant is bliss, my opinion that ignorance is not bliss still stands. Both teams of the debate were on completely different spectrums of ignorance