The way that my mum got her knowledge was mainly through reading and watching tv shows, especially Hong Kong TV shows. Many skills and knowledge that she knows now are based on reading books and TV shows.  The TV shows that she would watch would be explaining things that she would eventually use in her life, like cooking or buying stock. But during school, most of her knowledge came from textbooks and talking to professors, teachers, and her parents as one was a reporter for a big government newspaper and another was a Mandarin and math professor in a university. When comparing how knowledge was taught in school for my mum and how I learn knowledge, I feel like the main difference is the way we intake knowledge and the type of knowledge that we know.  The different way we would intake the knowledge would be the difference of the development of technology, even though my mu had computers, it wasn’t something that would be easily accessible on a daily basis and the internet didn’t have as much information. Secondly, the type of knowledge that she would have had to understand at school compared to me would be different as the time period is different and she went to a local school, with different structures as an American high school. Even with all these differences, I don’t think the way this knowledge is known would impact one’s understanding of the knowledge but rather the speed and the amount of knowledge.