The documentary The Social Dilemma is such an insightful documentary! It gives an insight into what goes on behind the scene of social media and basically everything online. The most interesting part and a part that I think everyone should remember is that we as consumers of mobile phones have become the product. Even though the intention of making such social media was not to harm anyone, great harm was caused both mentally and physically.

My Notes:

There is a problem in the tech industry

  • Beneath all these that is causing this to happen
  • Shouldn’t be something only the tech industry knows, everybody should know

“We have to make money” – facebook monetization

Selling their users – advertisers are the customers, the people are the product

  • If you are not paying for the product, you are the product
  • Our attention is the product, the advertisements are the customer
  • It’s the gradual slight imperceptible
  • They sell certainty – you have to have great – you need a lot of data
  • A market place that trades in human futures, has produces trillion of dollars that have made the internet companies the richest company if humanity

3 main goals

Engagement goal, growth goal, advertising goal

Persuasive Technology:

  • How could you use everything in psychology about how to persuade people and put that into technology
  • Modify a persons behavior
  • Programmed at a deeper level
  • Like a slot machine in Vegas

“Social media is not a tool just waiting to be used. It is demanding things from us.”

Technology is programming the users

Technologies ability to bring out the worst in society which is the existential threat

Society is incapable in healing itself and now is devoting into a chaos

“digital Frankenstein”

Technology is going to stay in our lives, IA is going to get better

Last generation of people to know what it is like before the illusion?

Confusing because both dystopia and utopia at the same time

A bunch of people who are trapped under technology

Almost no laws around digital privacy

Law is behind this

Protection of the companies and not the users

  • Undermine democracy and undermine freedom

Short-term thinking from the making profit

Cooperation makes us looks at things they want us to look at and not what will benefit us

Failure of leadership, need public attention