I personally don’t believe that I am political because of two reasons.  First of all, I am not of age and have yet to do more research on my countries politics (Australia).  With these in mind, I am not particularly interested in the world of politics however, I do believe that everything with a decision can be turned into something political. Through one of the political bias tests (Nolan Chart) that I took, it shows that I am in the middle between economic freedom and personal freedom. I feel like it is necessary to be informed about what is happening around us politically, however, this does not mean that we should not learn and read about what is happening around us. Especially during recent times, I have paid more attention to the news and the sources from which I am getting my information.

With society already like what it is now, there is no need to turn everything into a political debate even if everything around us can be turned into something political. Something as small as what color t-shirt to wear or what food to eat. For example, if someone were to order Chinese food, it could be taken into two categories, “American Chinese” and “Traditional Chinese”.