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Building Design: Create and Improve

I had to practice sketching architectural buildings and spaces.  Something I found challenging was getting the proportions of the objects and space correct, especially since I couldn’t take pictures of the space to get accuracy.


Something I changed from the original floor plan is the place where the staircase is positioned.  From the original floor plan, I changed several wall placements but I had to make sure that the structural poles remained the same in order for a real building to not fall over. The biggest change is the position of the staircase. The decision to change this is because it would provide a more modern look to the building and creates more of an easy flow to the area.

changed to


This is the poster for my final project:

J’space poster

Interior Design: Design & Plan


what should be included in the design:

  • tearoom
  • restroom
  • kitchen area
  • community space
  • offices
  • easy flow from room to room
  • showroom space


amount of people:

  • offices: 4-6 people
  • small events: 10-15 people
  • large events: 30 people


birdseye view sketch:

first floor:

second floor:

perspective sketches:


making sketchings of the interior design of a warehouse showroom.

different views of the building. (different perspective drawings)

things I need to complete:

  • different perspective sketching
  • birdseye view planning (done)
  • take pictures of the space
  • maybe do the outside design of the space as well

Original Plan:

Dimensions:  205.20   m x 147.60 m

Total Area:3028.75m^2

First Floor

Second Floor

Nature Inspired Chair Design

Our research problem was to incorporate nature into our chair design. My inspiration for this project was honeycombs, something that drew me towards this is the interesting shape that is so naturally formed.

In the beginning, I had two designs that I sketched out however I didn’t use any of the two designs that I thought of. On the day that we were supposed to make the product, I thought of a simple but aesthetically pleasing design. And this is my Sweat Stool.

My original design seemed too complicate and would have been very difficult to build using cardboard as it consists of a leg shape chair.

In my sketches, it is easy to tell which sketches I spent more time on. Looking through my sketchbook, it seems color-coordinated, but I never had those intentions.

Something that I could have done better was to make it more challenging, the design that I thought of for my final chair no seem too simple. Next time I would want to spend more time brainstorming different chairs and not just stick to one solid design. It would be very interesting to see what I originally wanted to create come to life.

In this new design, the main shapes are hexagons since that is the main shape that can be referred to as honeycombs. Something that I thought was challenging was creating the poster that went along with it. Because this design is so simple, it was difficult finding something to explain and fill up space. Overall I really liked my design and hope that one day I may be able to create this.



Packaging: Define and Enquire

Design Brief:


Padlet Inspiration:



What this product idea is:

to be able to give customers the ability to buy food outside and use the packaging without feeling that it is too inconvenient or damaging the environment.  Not only for meals but also for snacks!

  • easy to carry
  • environmentally friendly


using recycled cardboard to   reduced waste caused by using one-use-only containers/packaging




A change of design.

Why is there this change:

My mum has asked me to do this project about an interior architect and I believe that this is a great opportunity.

What this product is :

The interior architect design for a showroom/meeting room.

Components that should be included (what the user want to be included in):

  • small kitchen space
  • meeting/conference space
  • office space


My mum, and the other people involved in this “showroom” project.  Then it will be presented and a space that will be used to present.





Designer Persona

This is a designer persona for Product Design, usually made for understanding the customer. But in this designers persona, it is like an introduction about myself.

Personally, I don’t think  I got any useful feedback. Many were just about adding color when I already knew that I was going to add color.

Stephane Feng, User Persona

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