What is this engineering task?

The engineering task is to take a renewable energy source and convert it to electrical energy.

The product will have to take either solar power, hydropower, or any type of renewable energy to power it.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

Embed images and links of ideas you like/donโ€™t like

My first design is to build a boat that is powered by solar power. The boat will have a solar panel attached to a motor, which will be connected to the propellers. These propellers will be on top of the ship not be propelling water, but air. Essentially, the boat will move forward because of the flow of air.

Design #1 – the solar panels will be on top of the soda cans

My second design is to also build a boat that is powered by solar power. This is different from the first design in that the propellers will run in water; the boat will move forward as the motor is propelling the water backward.

Design #2 – the plastic tube will not be needed. The motor will be at the place where the red string is tied, and the solar panels will be on top of the plastic bottles.

My third design is to make a train that is powered by solar power. The train will look like trains from the 19th century, with several mini-trucks tagging along at the back.

Design #3 – solar panels will be on top of the first compartment.

ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

Design #1

PRO: it’s environmentally friendly, as it reuses old soda cans and plastic bottles. It is also extremely light-weight, using soda cans to keep the ship afloat.

CON: the ship, if the solar panels and the motor are too heavy, might not move as fast as I want it to be, since sifting through the air is easier than water.

Design #2

PRO: the propellers go through water, which has a stronger resistance, allowing the boat to propel forwards faster.

CON:ย because the original design is not powered by a motor, I will have to change the design a lot, especially towards how the propellers are connected.ย 

Design #3

PRO: because it is a train and runs on the ground, it will be easier for me to test out the prototype.

CON: it is not very environmentally friendly at the moment; I will have to modify some of its parts to make it more friendly to the environment.