My final product:

front view

top view

This is how the boat works in water:


The power generated from the solar panel gets transferredย to the motors. Because there are two circuits and two different motors, the power from the batteries are evenly shared, and it allows me to change the direction of one motor without affecting the other. The power from the motor then is used to spin the wooden axes that are connected to the propeller. The propellers act like paddles, going against the water’s resistance, making the boat go forward.

I was successful in making the final product move. The boat didn’t sink and stayed afloat. The motors worked in the right direction and powered the propellers well. I was successful at connecting the motors to the solar panel. Besides building the boat, I was successful at fixing the wires of the light that snapped in two and making the light turn on again.

What I could have improved on more are the propellers. First, the propellers were uneven and kept on hitting the side of the cans. Because theyย kept hitting the sides of the cans, I had to cut them. However, this madeย it so that the area that pushed the water lessened. When I stuck the propellers onto the bottle cap, I should have seen the direction of the propellers. Also, the motors were uneven and irregular. Sometimes, one would work fine while the other one turned very slowly. Other times, the other one would turn fast while the one turned slowly. Besides this, I wish I had a bigger tank to test my boat out.

This product is eco-friendly because it uses recycled bottles and cans. This product uses also solar energy. The fact that this uses solar power may affect the conumer because strong sunlight is needed to power this product.