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ToK Pre-Assesment


What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? 

As humans, it is impossible to tell if we know anything for sure. Some even say it is unsure if we are alive. I know for sure that I am alive. I know this because of my five senses. I can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste different things in my environment, which helps me understand how the world works. I know that I am a moving being because I can see myself moving. I also know that I do not like mushroom and tomatoes because I can taste their flavor. From the day we are born, hundreds of “rules” and social norms are told to us. This allows the people in power (the government, teachers, parents) to control how we view the world and the information we learn. Many speculate that countries’ governments hide numerous things from their citizens, such as aliens, the actual state of the world environment, etc. We should never blindly believe everything people tell us. Even our senses can trick us. Most people have blind spots and can not see everything in front of them. We can not trust our senses, nor can we trust the outside world; therefore, we can not know anything for sure. 

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Science and Engineering Post 2



Science and Engineering Blog #1


Dec 13 2018

What is this engineering task?

This engineering task is where we make a product that transfers and converts energy, a device that is used to learn physics, or take a renewable energy source and convert it to energy.

What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas)

  • train
  • hot air balloon

Embed images and links of ideas you like/don’t like


ANALYZE those ideas: What are the pros/cons about those ideas?

idea/photo #1: this idea is good because it shows convection, hot air rises and cold air goes down. This could burn or not work because of the fire that is created to show convection. this is for physics convection to teach how convection works. things i will need: rope, fabric, small candle,

YT videos:


idea/photo #2: this idea is showing how the energy from the heat source and goes into the water and makes it boil. however this project could burn or get too hot

idea/photo #3 goes with #6 and #4: This idea is a roller coaster and this a toy for a kid and this shows the converting of energy from potential grav energy and then too gravitational and then to kinetic. this is a more basic idea and could be too easy to make

Trade up The Republic of Buttergate


Societies meet their needs by working together. There is one big goal, all of the people in that society work together to meet that goal. Some things will be sacrificed but, this is given up by everybody not just one person. Everyone is working to make one big goal, without everyone working together the goals can not be met. Every little step is counted as a way to the big goal. Societies also need to trade with other countries and societies to get items they are not rich in or don’t have in their society. Without the trade system societies can not survive.

Individuals meet their needs by relying on others. Learning something that you are passionate about, you cant just expect to learn it. Teachers help teach how to do it. Humans can not live without each other, helping and teaching each other is another person is another way humans rely on each other. Individual trade money for a service to learn something or to get something they would like to get.

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ignite week 4 2017


Upcycling Old Clothes

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Photography ignite week 2


SUnyoung ignite week 2 photography

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sad memory


When I was 4 years old I had a really good candy in my mouth. I was on a lift and i was jumping up and down with my mouth open. I was really happy becuase the candy was soo good but then my candy fell out of my mouth. I got really sad becuase i didn;t know where else to get the candy. I started to cry in the lift, I wished that I could have picked the candy up and put it back into my mouth. I learned that never be too exited for a good tasting candy. That day I learned to not jumo with candy in my mouth.

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Giver Assesment


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My Best Friend


“WAKE UP!” Laura screeched in my ear. I jumped out of bed rubbing my ear.

“ Why did you do that?” I yelled back noticing that she is in her as swimsuit. I looked around the room, trying to find a clock , the room had 2 beds and a big TV. After a while I finally found a clock. It was 5:30 in the morning, I started at her mouth open. Why was she wearing her swimsuit already? Swimming starts in three hours I thought.

“I’m going back to sleep.” I moaned.

I woke up later that day to the sound of the TV blaring the screen flashing colours. I tried to concentrate on what the show was. I got out of bed to check the time it was 7:45. We were about to be late, I hurried to see if Laura was there but she had already left!

Thinking is Laura actually my friend? Why would she just leave me like that? I still couldn’t believe that Laura had ditched me! In Hong Kong she would never do this. My eyes filled with tears everything got blurry. I started to stuff everything I need into my swim bag. I went to the bathroom to get my goggles and looked up at the mirror, and stared at my face my eyes dark brown and my hair all tangled up in a big knot. I stormed out of my room running to the swimming pool I was a cheetah running after its prey. I got there but it was to late. Face red I walked to our coach. My coach was yelling at everyone who came late,

“GO GO GO! COME ON YOU ARE NOT SNAILS!” The coach yelled as we came to the pool. Even Laura was late. After that we went into the pool. I went into a lane with Ellie. I didn’t want to be Laura. We swam 5X700 meters main stroke. I swam IM.

“What stroke are you swimming?” “I was panting hard my head pounding after I finished the last 700. I got out of the water. I started to walk back to my room. Ellie came with me, I went to my room to change and go to breakfast. Ellie was comforting me when I told her about what happened this morning. When we got to the buffet, I smelled the delicious food looking at all the choices. Everyone was talking and laughing. I sat next to Isabelle and Gaby.

“Was training hard?” I asked before going to get food. They where in a higher group than me. When I went to get my food I was Laura. She ignored me as usual. After a long training I was starving. I gobbled down the food like a hungry tiger and went back to my room, but before going I went earlier than Laura because I wanted to think of what to say to her about leaving me alone in the room. She came an hour later. We still had 30 minuets left for break, after wards we had land training.

“ Why did you not wake me up to go to practice if you were already awake?” I said, “ If you were sleeping and it was time to go then I would have woken you up.”

“Well I didn’t say that I never tried,” she rolled her eyes and said, “what ever.” went to pack her stuff. For this whole week I am going to ignore her I thought.

The next day…When I woke up I saw a note near my bed. I looked around and Laura was no there. Why again I thought. I picked up the note. In it said.

Dear Sun Young

I am sorry about what I did. I hope you will forgive me.

From Laura

Heart pounding. I changed into my tracksuit and went to the track. When I got there everyone had been stretching so I joined. The land training was cycling so we went into the room with all the cycling machines. We started to cycle. There was different exercise that we did. Afterwards our coach let us have donuts and we had a contest to see who can eat it the fastest without licking there lips because they were powdered donuts. “Yes!” I screeched. I won so coach Frankie gave me another donut. After, I went to my room. Laura was there.

I went over and said, “Sorry.”

“It’s okay, it wasn’t your fault it was mine.” she said

I thought maybe she is not as bad as I thought she would be.



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Water Crisis


Clean water can change the world because clean water is one of the main things that everyone needs to live and survive. states, “About a billion people live without clean drinking water.” Imagine not having a glass of cold clean water every time you need it, that’s how a billion people go through everyday.

Firstly, clean water means less disease. Because if you drink dirty water you can get diseases like guinea worm and you could die from that. So if you drink clean water then you could survive and live not die. states, “clean water changes everything

Secondly, water can change the world because more kids can go to school. According to “If there is clean water then more kids can go to school and if there is a well near a school the it will increase the amount of kids that will go to school because the children don’t have to go collect water.”

Thirdly, clean water can change the world because helps girls and women. From it if there is a well in a village the women and children can do other things like help there kids or go to school and help the family earn money and get more food.

If you don’t do anything and just stay and wait for it to make you then by 2050 most of the people will have no access to clean water. So do you think you can help people without clean drinking water so they can change the world? Salva Dut he was just a little kid but now he has saved a lot of lives because he is drilling wells for poor villages in South Sudan.

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