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Water is Our Most Precious Recourse


Water is one of our main resources that keeps everything alive. Firstly ,without water plants can’t survive. For example I know that if you don’t water a plant then it will dry up and crumble, and if the plants don’t grow then the animals that eat plants can’t live and humans can’t eat vegetables and fruits. Secondly, without water animals can’t live and if animals can’t live then we’ve lost our meat food source and a lot of people in the world eat meat. Also Without animals scientists can’t discover new things about animals and nature. Thirdly, without water humans can’t live. Then if humans die there will be no living thing also if theres no water animals will die and there will be no living thing on earth. Fourthly, if there is a water shortage then people will fight for it and the more people would die fighting for water. For example If there is a water shortage not only poor people would be fighting for it everyone would even the rich people for water. I conclusion if we don’t do anything about our water shortage then everything I have mentioned above could come true.

Disclaimer: This writing piece has only been  written in the context of a studying a book entitled A Long Walk to Water about the 21-year civil war in Sudan and the refugee crisis that accompanied it.

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