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Water Crisis


Clean water can change the world because clean water is one of the main things that everyone needs to live and survive. states, “About a billion people live without clean drinking water.” Imagine not having a glass of cold clean water every time you need it, that’s how a billion people go through everyday.

Firstly, clean water means less disease. Because if you drink dirty water you can get diseases like guinea worm and you could die from that. So if you drink clean water then you could survive and live not die. states, “clean water changes everything

Secondly, water can change the world because more kids can go to school. According to “If there is clean water then more kids can go to school and if there is a well near a school the it will increase the amount of kids that will go to school because the children don’t have to go collect water.”

Thirdly, clean water can change the world because helps girls and women. From it if there is a well in a village the women and children can do other things like help there kids or go to school and help the family earn money and get more food.

If you don’t do anything and just stay and wait for it to make you then by 2050 most of the people will have no access to clean water. So do you think you can help people without clean drinking water so they can change the world? Salva Dut he was just a little kid but now he has saved a lot of lives because he is drilling wells for poor villages in South Sudan.

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