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ToK Pre-Assesment


What do you know for sure, and how do you know it?  As humans, it is impossible to tell if we know anything for sure. Some even say it is unsure if we are alive. I know for sure that I am alive. I know this because of my five senses. I can see, hear, touch, smell, and […]

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Science and Engineering Post 2



Science and Engineering Blog #1


Dec 13 2018 What is this engineering task? This engineering task is where we make a product that transfers and converts energy, a device that is used to learn physics, or take a renewable energy source and convert it to energy. What are you thinking about doing? (this can be multiple ideas) train hot air […]

Trade up The Republic of Buttergate


Societies meet their needs by working together. There is one big goal, all of the people in that society work together to meet that goal. Some things will be sacrificed but, this is given up by everybody not just one person. Everyone is working to make one big goal, without everyone working together the goals […]

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ignite week 4 2017


Upcycling Old Clothes

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Photography ignite week 2


SUnyoung ignite week 2 photography

sad memory


When I was 4 years old I had a really good candy in my mouth. I was on a lift and i was jumping up and down with my mouth open. I was really happy becuase the candy was soo good but then my candy fell out of my mouth. I got really sad becuase […]

Giver Assesment


My Best Friend


“WAKE UP!” Laura screeched in my ear. I jumped out of bed rubbing my ear. “ Why did you do that?” I yelled back noticing that she is in her as swimsuit. I looked around the room, trying to find a clock , the room had 2 beds and a big TV. After a while […]

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Water Crisis


Clean water can change the world because clean water is one of the main things that everyone needs to live and survive. states, “About a billion people live without clean drinking water.” Imagine not having a glass of cold clean water every time you need it, that’s how a billion people go through everyday. […]

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