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ToK Pre-Assesment


What do you know for sure, and how do you know it? 

As humans, it is impossible to tell if we know anything for sure. Some even say it is unsure if we are alive. I know for sure that I am alive. I know this because of my five senses. I can see, hear, touch, smell, and taste different things in my environment, which helps me understand how the world works. I know that I am a moving being because I can see myself moving. I also know that I do not like mushroom and tomatoes because I can taste their flavor. From the day we are born, hundreds of “rules” and social norms are told to us. This allows the people in power (the government, teachers, parents) to control how we view the world and the information we learn. Many speculate that countries’ governments hide numerous things from their citizens, such as aliens, the actual state of the world environment, etc. We should never blindly believe everything people tell us. Even our senses can trick us. Most people have blind spots and can not see everything in front of them. We can not trust our senses, nor can we trust the outside world; therefore, we can not know anything for sure. 

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