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Trade up The Republic of Buttergate


Societies meet their needs by working together. There is one big goal, all of the people in that society work together to meet that goal. Some things will be sacrificed but, this is given up by everybody not just one person. Everyone is working to make one big goal, without everyone working together the goals can not be met. Every little step is counted as a way to the big goal. Societies also need to trade with other countries and societies to get items they are not rich in or don’t have in their society. Without the trade system societies can not survive.

Individuals meet their needs by relying on others. Learning something that you are passionate about, you cant just expect to learn it. Teachers help teach how to do it. Humans can not live without each other, helping and teaching each other is another person is another way humans rely on each other. Individual trade money for a service to learn something or to get something they would like to get.

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