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Costume Design Challenge

As you can see from my pictures below, I was trying to make a costume for a girl who should be on her first date. For the other character whose name was Garrett, I was trying to design a costume who just lost 300 pounds by eating onions everyday only. Basically, I recently completed my costume design of two characters from scene 4. You should be looking at a man who’s skinny  and healthy, wearing casual clothes because of his casual personality. For the girl, you should be looking at her wearing a gorgeous white dress with high heels.

I felt the process of designing costumes for my characters was entertaining and exciting due to the fact that it was my first time seriously designing costumes for a character. During the process, I’ve met challenges of drawing cloths, then I searched online and learned a little bit about drawing clothes. I would say the process was full of amusement but it was a painful process to me consider I had to draw everything by myself but I’m not good at drawing. As I was drawing my final costume design, I made a bunch of mistake like not putting enough color for my costumes and I was rushing my project.

I’ve learned from this process of designing costumes that one of the factors which theaters will need is designing costumes for thee characters on stage. Every single character’s costume is important because it has its own meaning/purpose, a symbol of something. I’ve also learned that making/designing costumes are hard, it truly needs a lot of time in order to design a perfect costume



Define & Inquire- audience & precedents:

Made with Padlet

I have shown those examples in order to demonstrate my personal taste and interests, which are related to sports and video games.

Develop & Plan- generation of ideas, selection & development:

Preferred 3 ideas for further developments :



These designed concepts fulfill the users’ need because picture 1 demonstrates glasses which has protection to the costumers’ eye (shaded area). Picture 2 depicts a glasses with a thick frame, and picture 3 shows a glasses with round lenses, which also fulfill the users’ requirements.

Further changes:


What should I do to move ahead:

More specific details should be included in the sketches, then design it on illustrator. Afterward, laser cut it and ask somebody to wear it and receive feedbacks from them and make changes to it until you think the glasses is qualified for fulfilling the user’s need.

Create & Improve- prototyping, testing & refinement:





Final product:






Materials that I’ve used for my final product is transparent acrylic

Share & Reflect: 

It has a stylistic outlook, additionally, the designed glasses frame can protect users’ eyes effectively as well. However, colors should be added in order to attract user’s eyeball. Moreover, the “bridge” should be shorter because users will not be able to see anything if the frame is too big, and a nose pad could be considered too in order to make it the users feel more comfortable when using it.

My final design fits the users’ need because its lenses has protection effects which is suitable especially when playing sports. Moreover, what makes this product successful is the fact that it’s compacted and durable.

During the design process, what went well was that users could almost perfectly see through the lenses, and the outlook was better than I thought it would be. I would change the temples to a longer one if I had more time because it doesn’t feel comfortable when I tried it on, additionally, I would change the size of the lenses as well, it has to be bigger in order to see it more clearly. Moving on, I would like to design a 3D glasses (cinema ones) for next time, since the demand of this type of glasses is extremely strong.

Precious Plastics Softgoods

Original prototype: A purse/wallet





Current Design Drawings: A glasses case








Presentation Poster

PP Softgoods Poster

Padlet link


I’m interested in designing a convenient glasses case with some attractive decorations on it. My goal is to make it big enough to put in a glasses.

Key Decisions

I want to make the form of my product as simple as it can be, because people like simple things nowadays. For its function, my product has no “flap”, compare with other glasses case which has it, since it was fairly complicated to process and the materials were restricted as well, therefore I thought this was a more simple way of doing it.


Through this whole process, what’s working well was that I had loads of ideas of the designs I wanted to make, and there were a variety of materials for me to use as well. Moreover, I would say the sketches and annotations of my designs were pretty good because I really put a lot of energy and effort into that, and it turns out to be very successful and helpful at the end, when designing my final product.

However, for next time, I want to bring the materials by myself because in that case there’ll be more choices for me to choose when designing. Also, I want to work better on my poster as well, I would rather hand made one rather than doing it on the computer since it’s more complicated. Moreover, I want to design a bag next time.














What is Devised Theatre?

DEVISED THEATRE: A group of people having the same thoughts they have on their mind.


  • How does Devised Theatre differ from Interpretive Theatre (theatre from a playwright and a script) AND how is it the same?

The difference between devised theatre and interpretive theatre is that devised theatre does not use scripts at all, but they rehearse this by using everybody’s ideas . They’re the same because they both have to uses play in order to act.

  • What are some steps that were discussed in devised or devising theatre? Make sure to reference the video you are getting your answer(s) from. For example say, “In the video titled…”

In the video titled “Devising a Monster Calls”, it discussed steps which was included is to break down scenes first, so the actors can then improvise it. Moreover, while they’re improvising, there often will be a music been played as they improvise.

  • What are some BIG IDEAS that stuck with you from the videos knowing that this is something we are going to explore? What new knowledge are you going to bring with you into the process?

Improvising could be a bit hard… maybe at the start, but it should be quite fun as we start to do it I believe. Therefore I’ll need to learn some of these techniques more as we’re going to explore very soon.

Physical Theatre analysis-The Crucible

Clip #1 – Act I: show from the start through 6:08

Clip #2 – Act II: show from the start through 7:20

Clip #3 – Act III: show from the start through 1:09

Clip #4 – Act III: show from 31:36-35.40

Clip #5 – Act III: show from 40:00 -the end of Act III

  1. Describe the movement in the clips you chose. What story are they telling?

They’re using their body language to tell the audience about a story of a little girl’s death

2. What information do we get about the characters and the community and the day-to-day life as seen through the physical action?

The women and the man should be a couple because they live in a same house, and the women was making food at the first, apparently it’s for her husband. Second, I think the husband’s job should be a hunter consider that he have a rifle/shotgun with him as he get back from somewhere.

3.Watch the clip once without sound and once with sound. Can you tell what is going on without the words and music?

I still know what’s going on without playing music because I can tell what’s going on with their body language, it tells me their action.But it’s hard to feel their feelings and the atmosphere within it without any music been played

4.highlight one “a’ha!” or cool moment that stood out to you in the clip.

In Act 2, I thought tat when the men was cleaning his face and his body was a very cool moment because I’ve never seen someone doing that kind of action on stage.



LeCoq’s 9 Attitudes

Jacques LeCoq (1921-1999)

-‘Toute bouche’-everything moves

-Became interested in theater through physical education- interested in the way the body moves

-Founded his own school in Paris- Ecole Internationale de Theater de Jacques LeCoq

-Offers a physical discipline that makes you aware of your body own expressive physical potential in theater and life

-Calls devising- ‘geo dramatics’

-You are asked go with the environment/landscape not against it









Physical Theater

The theatrical story is told through the body or through physicalization.

There may be dialogue, but it’s the physical imagery that becomes the primary communicator.

“Physical theater” is a general “catch-all” term that may be applied differently depending on the piece.

Evaluating another’s design

I love how she designed the dinosaur’s head, it looks terrifying. Also, I really like how she designed the background for the dinosaur. I think she must’ve put a lot of time working just on the dinosaur’s head, and this is the part which really impress me, it’s very detailed.

Nightmare world

View from audience member


Birds eye view





Side view


 Audience view (with orange lights on)


You should be seeing a bed, some ghost paintings and 2 creepy ghost with no eyeballs which was made out of plasticines. The plasticine at the very front of the model represents a line which you can’t pass through, which means the area inside represents a “ghost area only”. Also, there are two black swords and red paints which I painted on each side, I made these to show how bloody or scary this room is. I’m scared to look what’s under the bed, therefore I made some paintings and ghost around my bed to show my fear, I put these elements very close to my bed to show how scary it will be. For the paintings you can see that I drew some ghost face with differnet colors on each of them, the reason of this Is because most of the people I know are terrified of ghost. Moreover, I did not made eyes for my ghost because I though that would look more creepy and fearful. Personally, I felt I did well on designing the bed and the tunnel which the little ghost comes out because it looks good. Also, I think I did well on think these terrifying elements. I put a lot of time of thinking what designs should I make, and at the end I felt I had different things than everyone has which makes me very satisfied of my work. Moreover I think I did well on disigning the ghost, because I felt it was very creative(the ghost). For improvement, I wished I could’ve done better on designing every single designs because it does’t looks very good from the audience points of view. Also, I wished I could add more designs next time, or make it better. I actually though I should’ve done different with my ghost designs, because it’s kind of simple and the audience might not understand my designs in overall.

This helps me understand more about the theatre process because I’ve experienced how to design the stage by designing props and the imagination of adding different kinds of elements to my design(nightmare/fear).

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