View from audience member


Birds eye view





Side view


 Audience view (with orange lights on)


You should be seeing a bed, some ghost paintings and 2 creepy ghost with no eyeballs which was made out of plasticines. The plasticine at the very front of the model represents a line which you can’t pass through, which means the area inside represents a “ghost area only”. Also, there are two black swords and red paints which I painted on each side, I made these to show how bloody or scary this room is. I’m scared to look what’s under the bed, therefore I made some paintings and ghost around my bed to show my fear, I put these elements very close to my bed to show how scary it will be. For the paintings you can see that I drew some ghost face with differnet colors on each of them, the reason of this Is because most of the people I know are terrified of ghost. Moreover, I did not made eyes for my ghost because I though that would look more creepy and fearful. Personally, I felt I did well on designing the bed and the tunnel which the little ghost comes out because it looks good. Also, I think I did well on think these terrifying elements. I put a lot of time of thinking what designs should I make, and at the end I felt I had different things than everyone has which makes me very satisfied of my work. Moreover I think I did well on disigning the ghost, because I felt it was very creative(the ghost). For improvement, I wished I could’ve done better on designing every single designs because it does’t looks very good from the audience points of view. Also, I wished I could add more designs next time, or make it better. I actually though I should’ve done different with my ghost designs, because it’s kind of simple and the audience might not understand my designs in overall.

This helps me understand more about the theatre process because I’ve experienced how to design the stage by designing props and the imagination of adding different kinds of elements to my design(nightmare/fear).